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Boxing In Britain: “Golden Girl” Marston Launches “Friday Night Fight Club”

Professional female boxer Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, the protégé of legendary Heavyweight Champion of the World Smokin Joe Frazier, announced today the addition of "Friday Night Fight Club", a full on boxing training class for Women, which will be held at the Ultrachem TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, London, each Friday evening at 6pm, to her already successful series of ‘Golden Girl’ Women’s Boxing Fitness classes.

Marston, who is part of Cruiserweight King Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham’s Philadelphia, based professional boxing team, originally created the ‘Golden Girl’ series of Women’s Boxing Fitness Classes in ‘09 at a gym in South London where she was training at the time.

The concept of the classes came about following her return to London, after two years training in America, as she had noticed that the only type of Boxing fitness programmes being offered to women in London were of the aerobic ‘Boxercise’ type.

In April this year she expanded the series and launched new classes at various locations around London, firstly at The Boxing Clinic in Islington, North London then a couple of weeks later at The Tokei Gym at London Bridge and The Ultrachem TKO Gym in Canning Town, East London.

Friday Night Fight Club, unlike the current series of classes, is for those wishing to pursue competitive boxing. The coaching will be to full amateur and professional boxing standards. Each class will concentrate on a single element, such as footwork, ringcraft, defensive techniques etc. before undertaking a basic training circuit of shadow boxing, padwork, bagwork and ringcraft exercises.

Taking a little time off from her preparations by top British coach Derek Grainger at the Ultrachem TKO Gym for her upcoming fight with Lana Cooper, Marston explained why she decided to create Friday Night Fight Club, “It’s quite exciting, I wish I had something like this when I first became interested in boxing, as I found it almost impossible to find a gym in London that would offer me training or even take my ambition seriously so I had to go to America to train.

I always intended to offer advanced classes at some point as I know there is some real interest in them. Back last year two girls that came to my original classes wanted to progress further. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to add an advanced class at that gym so they tried to find a gym to train at. They really struggled but in the end did manage to find amateur coaches that were willing to train them.

Now I’m in the same situation with the new classes as there are a couple of the girls ready to progress. Luckily this time I am at a gym where, thanks to the wonderful Johnny Eames (owner of Ultrachem TKO Gym), I am able to have an advanced class as well as offer personal One-2-One Boxing coaching.

The basis of the Friday Night Boxing Club classes are pure boxing skills and drills, in fact the only difference between the classes and normal boxing training is that it is in a group and not One-2-One.

I will be covering every element, from footwork right through to full contact sparring. From time to time I will also have top coaches, such as former Team GB head coach Terry Edwards MBE, hosting technical seminars.

I really do believe that Friday Night Fight Club will produce some very exciting new female boxers, both for the amateur and professional ranks. Who knows, perhaps one of them could end up representing Great Britain at the 2016 Olympics, now wouldn’t that be something.”

Marianne ‘Golden Girl Marston’s Friday Night Fight Club is held at the Ultrachem TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA every Friday evening at 6pm. The cost per session is £10.

The full schedule for ‘Golden Girl’ Women’s Boxing & Boxing Fitness Classes are:
The Boxing Clinic, 29 St Alban's Place, Islington, London N1 0NX, on Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6.30pm.
The Tokei Gym, 28 Magdalen Street, Southwark, London SE1 2EN on Monday and Wednesday evening at 6.00pm.
Ultrachem TKO Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA on Friday at 6.00pm (Friday Night Fight Club) and Saturday at 2.00pm (Boxing Fitness).

Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston Versus Lana Cooper will be on the Steve Goodwin promoted event at York Hall on the 11th September 2010. Further news on this will be announced shortly.

For further information see www.womensboxingclasses.com

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