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Ringside Boxing: ABAE Junior ABA Championships

bowen gets it1 Ringside Boxing: ABAE Junior ABA Championships

Sunday afternoon, Triumph Standard ABC in Coventry hosted the ABAE Junior ABA Championships and the Elite Senior Midlands Final.

It was a relaxed atmosphere in the venue where families enjoyed lunch and a packed afternoon of Amateur Boxing, but the boxing itself was very well controlled by Referees and officials.

Results as follows.

3x2 minute rounds:

50kg - James McDonald (Scunthorpe) v Lenny Evans (Shrewsbury)
Evans by Unanimous Decision

85kg - Keiran Wallis (Donnington) v Lewis Steinborn (Pro Fitness)
Steinborn by Unanimous Decision

48kg - Barney Stretton (Bracebridge) v Jagbir Hayer (Triumph)
Hayer by Unanimous Decision

48kg - Samuel Holt (Nechells) v Ainsley Ratcliffe (Willaim Perry)
Holt 3-2

57kg - Faisal Anjum (Aston) v J Summers (Wednesbury)
Anjum wins. Summers retired in the second

63kg - Jordan Tibbles (Earl Shilton) v Liam Berrisford (Impact)
Berrisford wins 3-2

4x2 minute rounds:

54kg - Cori Gibbs (Eastside) v Callum Baptiste (Bracebridge)
Gibbs by Unanimous Decision

63.5kg - Reuban Short (Belgrave) v Haydon Walker (Bracebridge)
Walker wins 4-1

86kg – M. Brierly (Manton) v Tom Rudkin (Belgrave)
Brierly wins. Rudkin Disqualified.

3x3 minute rounds:

51kg - Raza Hamza (Aston) v Usman Malik (Merlin Youth)
Hamza wins 4-1

54kg - Alimaan Hussain (Aston) v Bobby Jenkinson (Bracebridge)
Hussain wins 3-2

57kg - James Melvin (Hall Green) v Leigh Wood (Terry Allen Unique)
Wood wins 4 -1

60kg - Antonio Counihan (Eastside) v Sukhjeevan Brar (Far Cotton)
Counihan wins 4-1

63.5kg - Nathan Heaney (Hutton Abbey) v Sam Bowen (Earl Shilton)
Bowen by Unanimous Decision

67kg - Daryl Baptiste (Bracebridge) v Atkarul Alom (Hall Green)
Baptiste wins 4-1

75kg - Dominic Deevey (Leicester BA) v Ross Batey (Boston ABC)
Batey wins. Referee Stopped the Contest in the first round.

81kg - Jason Edmands (Exhall) v Ricky Summers (Lions)
Edmands wins 3-2

91+kg - Frazer Clarke (Burton) v Joel Ducile (Aston)
Clarke wins 3-2

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