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Exclusive Boxing Interview: Dimitriy Salita

SaddoBoxing recently caught up with Dimitriy “Star of David” Salita, 25-0-1 (14). During the interview, Salita talks about how he got into boxing, how he rates his last performance, what he would do given the choice between observing the Sabbath or participating in a world title fight, why he feels the junior welterweight division lacks a star, and much more…

SaddoBoxing: Dimitriy, how did you get into boxing?

Dimitriy Salita: "I started out in karate and kickboxing. My brother introduced me to boxing and I just fell in love with it."

SB: Since coming to the US, how difficult has it been to adjust to the American style of fighting as opposed to the European style of fighting?

DS: "Actually there is no adjustment. I started boxing in the USA. I am a New York City product."

SB: Your last bout was against a fighter named Shad Howard, who was a replacement for another opponent you were supposed to fight. How do you rate your last performance?

DS: "I give myself a C+. I am very critical of myself. I was able to do a lot of the things I worked on in the gym, but I could've done more. There is a lot of room for growth. I am only fighting at 55-60%."

SB: Your publicist, Ron Goldman, told me you will fight someone in the top ten for your next match?

DS: My next fight will be against Francisco Campos. He’s a good fighter who has fought world champions in the past. I looked forward to making a statement."

SB: What about fighters like Zab Judah, Louis Collazo or Paul Williams?

DS: Those guys fight at welterweight. I fight at junior welterweight. I am looking to get a shot at the WBA Junior Welterweight title. The number one and two ranked fighters will fight for the vacant title. I am ranked # 6. I hope to fight the winner and become champ.

SB: If I'm not mistaken, your last fight was at welterweight?

DS: Yeah, I fought at a catch weight of 146 lb just for one fight.

SB: So who is the best fighter at junior welterweight?

DS: I don't know. All the best fighters have moved up to welterweight. I think the best junior welterweight was Ricky Hatton. I hope to fight him someday and win.

SB: What if you were offered a title fight on a Saturday, which is the Sabbath? Would you fight?

DS: Actually the Sabbath is over by Saturday night. I have fought many fights on Saturday night. A fight on a Friday night would be a problem. I don't care how much money they pay me I would not fight on the Sabbath.

SB: Finally, how do you feel about you're fellow countryman Oleg Maskaev winning a portion of the Heavyweight Crown?

DS: Oleg is from Russia, I am from the Ukraine. I know Oleg. I trained in the same gym with him for 5-6 years. I am very happy for him. He is a hardworking guy. It is the American dreamed fulfilled.

SB: Thanks for your time Dimitriy. All the best on your next fight.

DS: Thank you.

SaddoBoxing also thanks Dimitriy Salita’s publicist, Ron Goldman, for taking time out of his busy schedule to arrange this interview.

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