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Zab Judah’s Boxing Promoter Stiffs Galvan- Blames ESPN

Brian Young, promoter of Zab Judah and last night’s ESPN2 “Friday Night Fights” card, stiffed Judah’s opponent Ruben Galvan and he blames it on ESPN.

“Brian Young told me that he had to wait for ESPN2 to pay him, before he could pay Ruben,” said Galvan’s promoter, Octavius James of One In A Million Inc. “Zab was paid. John Lewis, head of the Mississippi commission instructed Young to pay Ruben immediately. Young has not responded, only to blame ESPN.”

“Last night, my attorney contacted the Vice President of Fitzgerald’s Casino Hotel and we are moving ahead with legal action against Brian Young and Prize Fight, Fitzgerald’s Casino Hotel and the Mississippi commission, if necessary.”

Last night’s bout ended on the advice of the ringside physician after Galvan suffered a serious cut during the first round. “It doesn’t matter if that cut was from a punch or an elbow, Brian Young owes my fighter his check,” James said.

“I’m not going to sit around and listen to Brian Young tell me “ the check is in the mail,’” James continued. “Blaming ESPN is outrageous. Prize Fight sent and signed a contract. They either immediately pays my fighter in full, or my lawyers continue to go after him. If he can’t afford to pay Ruben Galvan, I doubt he can afford to take on my lawyers.”

“This is another black eye to boxing,” James said.

“I’ve been with One In A Million for years and they have always paid me, and every other fighter, in full and on time,” said Ruben Galvan. “I know that Octavius and his lawyers will get me my money.”

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