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European Boxing News: Johny Jensen Scan Scandal Deepens

By Per Ake Persson

Contrary to what was reported last night, former European Cruiser Challenger Johny Jensen arrived - according to politiken.dk and confirmed by Italian agent and matchmaker Alessandro Ferrarini - to Rome in December of last year with a clean bill of health - at least on paper.

His MR scan showed irregularities to the point where he shouldn´t had been allowed to fight. However, a doctor looked at the documents, signed that everything was ok and neither Jensen or his handlers was told that something was wrong.

Dr Peter Angermann tells Politiken he doesn´t remember the results of the scan but says that as far as he could tell, everything looked alright. Jensen then stopped Vincenzo Cantatore in the first round of a big upset.

The next fight came May 3 in Marseille against mandatory challenger Jean Marc Monrose. Again, the MR scan showed irregularities. It appears that trainer Poul Duvill, an experienced trainer who´s been involved with some of the best Danish pros for quite some time now, had noticed something was wrong with the champ during training.

Sparring partner Anders Hugger tells stiften.dk that he himself had seen nothing wrong. Still, Jensen went off to France and was stopped in the first round.

Mogens Palle, who wasn´t in either Rome or Marseille, told media during the Kessler-Sartison press conference that he first heard something was wrong with Johny when Duvill called him after coming home from France.

Jensen himself is currently on vacation in France but tells sporten.dk he is doing badly, has problems with his eyesight, has problems with being around people and feels the damage is permanent.

Another paper quotes Jensen saying he´s able to keep his day job and live a normal life. He is still employed by Vola in Horsens and the company has sponsored him throughout his career.

Jensen has contacted a lawyer and is looking into suing those responsible for this tragic incident for damages but the question appears to be who is responsible?

Many have asked why Jensen didn´t pull out himself if he was feeling bad, but he says to sporten.dk he didn´t start feeling bad until a week after the Monrose fight.

The Danish Federation had all the necessary medical examinations performed and an apparently permanently brain damaged fighter could still slip through the net.

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