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British Boxing: Gomez And Rimmer Ready To Move Forward After Khan Defeat

By Jane Warburton June 26th, 2008 All Boxing Interviews

 British Boxing: Gomez And Rimmer Ready To Move Forward After Khan Defeat
© Jane Warburton / Saddo Boxing

On the heels of Amir Khan successfully defeating tough Irish-Mancunian Michael Gomez on Saturday night in a grueling Commonwealth Lightweight title clash at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena in England, SaddoBoxing asked trainer Bobby Rimmer this morning how he and Gomez were both feeling after the fight.

“I saw Mike on Sunday and he said he was alright, after the fight he said he felt fine but that Khan was just too good on the night," said Rimmer. "Like me, he’s disappointed….I don’t mean I’m disappointed with how he performed - just disappointed that we’d worked hard for 12 weeks and didn’t get the result we believed we’d get on the night.

"He definitely hurt Khan though with that body-shot, didn’t he? But all credit to him [Khan]. I’m just pleased Mike didn’t get hurt - he’s ok - the same as ever really. “

Already talking of his next fight and with a film of the Gomez life story currently being produced - it seems that Michael Gomez will be around for a good while longer!

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