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Showtime Boxing: Quotes From Upcoming Campbell vs. Guzman Clash

It’s no secret that Nate Campbell and Joan Guzman don’t like each other very much. Both fighters have exchanged insults in the lead up to their championship showdown on September 13 on Showtime.

Making his first title defense, Campbell will risk his IBF, WBO and WBA Lightweight titles against the undefeated two-division world champion Guzman on Saturday, September 13, 2008, live on Showtime Championship Boxing at 9 p.m. ET/PT and delayed on the West Coast.

The fight will be co-promoted by Don King Productions and One Punch Productions, in association with Sycuan Ringside Promotions.

Nate Campbell: "Camp is going really well. I feel great, and everything is coming along right on schedule. My sparring partners are earning every dime that we're paying them. Now that we are inside a month from the fight, this is where I start to get nasty. I wish I could fight every 30 days, like I did earlier in my career. I wish today was September 12th."

"Guzman doesn’t know what is going to happen to him. He has no idea where I'm taking him on September 13th. I love it when they feed me these guys with these big fat shiny "0's" in their records [Guzman is 28-0].

Everyone thinks they are Gods because they are undefeated. All being undefeated means is that you haven't fought anybody yet, or you’ve never had to deal with any adversity in or out of the ring.

“I'm collecting all these "0's", and changing them to 'Nate's'. Kid Diamond is 26 and Nate. Juan Diaz is 33 and Nate. And on September 13, Joan Guzman will be 28 and Nate. I fought too long and too hard to let anyone take these titles from me, especially Guzman. He just doesn’t know what he is in for."

"Right now my future is only about Joan Guzman. After that, I really don't care who they put in front of me. I'll fight anybody.

“I do know if I will have an IBF mandatory due. And since there's no way in hell I'm giving up my IBF belt, that mandatory will have to be dealt with."

Joan Guzman: “Campbell loves to talk. He likes to run his mouth about anything. He can say whatever he wants because it doesn’t change the fact that I will make him look foolish on September 13.

“Most fighters think they have me figured out simply by watching my recent fights. Campbell is no different. He thinks he has the keys to victory. Watching film and actually fighting me are two completely different things. If you thought I was fast and skilled on tape, wait until you try to hit me inside the ring. I’m a blur; It won’t happen.”

“The weight [moving up to lightweight] won’t be an issue because I have a great strength and conditioning coach in my corner [David Buer]. David is one of the best trainers in the country. He’s worked with a bunch of celebrities and world champion boxers.

“David’s training regimen are some of the most detailed that I have ever seen. He has everything worked out to the second. He knows how long it will take me to complete an exercise and what the appropriate rest time is. I do more in a half-hour than most gym rats do in a week. If you see me train, you’ll feel like you’re getting a workout just by watching me. It is that intense.

“One of the goals of training camp was to adjust and maximize my speed and power to the lightweight division. Guys are bigger and stronger here so I needed to spice things up in the gym. I’m confident that you will see the strongest, fastest and best conditioned Guzman ever on September 13.”

David Buer, Strength and Conditioning Coach of SX Fitness: “We are maximizing his [Joan Guzman] power and speed by utilizing ballistic and plyometric training. Guzman is a world class athlete so it only makes sense for him to utilize a world class training regiment.”

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