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Boxing Perspective: David Haye – Saviour Of The Heavyweight Division?

One of the hottest topics currently on everyone's lips is David Haye's assault on the world heavyweight division, which kicks off at London's O2 Arena on November 15, 2008 and whether or not he can go all the way and take Wladimir Klitchko off the top spot.

To say that things have recently gotten a little heated here in the SaddoBoxing forums regarding this matter would be an understatement. "The Hayemaker" is getting massive amounts of people across the globe talking about him and, without even throwing a punch, has lit up the division in a way not seen since Lennox Lewis was top dog, which is great for the sport in many ways.

Haye is charismatic, friendly, approachable and nearly as good looking as me which makes him a promoter's dream, but most of all he can bang and every fight seems to be entertaining; it's "don't blink or you'll miss it" stuff from the first bell.

We all know and respect Haye for going to Jean Marc Mormeck's backyard and ripping the cruiserweight title from him in spectacular style nearly a year ago and subsequently smashing to bits the much hyped Enzo Maccarinelli in two rounds to cap off his time in the cruiserweight division.

So, who is next for Haye and can he cut it at the bigger weight?

We've been promised a top ten heavyweight with rumours of James Toney, Hasim Rahman, Alexander Dimitrenko, Chris Arreola and Monte Barret all seemingly in the running for the November date.

One as yet unnamed fighter recently agreed to terms then pulled out, leaving us all still guessing as to who exactly Haye will be fighting come November.

What makes all this so exciting is the fact that Haye has devastating power but can be hurt himself, and has been on occasion, in the cruiserweight division, which accounts for a lot of the huge appeal.

Most of the previously mentioned prospective opponents have power and or proven granite chins. Toney, as we all know, has a great chin, Rahman will always have a puncher's chance, backed up by the fact that he put Lennox Lewis on his backside, Monte Barret recently hammered the Giant White Joke Tye Fields to the canvas in one round and Dimitrenko, my personal choice for a Wlad tune up, stands 6 feet 7 and with a similar style to Klitschko, could be a wise selection for Haye in the lead up to a title shot.

Up and coming US prospect Chris Arreola would be my choice for Haye's November fight. He has size, power and a great chin and would be a perfect opponent and measuring stick for Haye.

So, can Haye do it, can he really bring the belts back to London?

One thing I do know is that he will entertain, never duck anyone and constantly look to separate his opponent's head from their shoulders at all times during his fights.Having said that, it all rides on whether or not he can take the power of a full blown, bona fide heavyweight on the night.

A wise man once told me that it's a whole different ball game up at heavyweight and those who have been successful in the move up, such as the legendary Evander Holyfield, have possessed absolutely granite chins and warrior hearts.

I would personally like to wish David Haye the best of British and let's hope he can bring these belts back to the UK.

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