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Javier Jauregui Wins Majority Decision on Telefutura

By Sergio Martinez September 24th, 2005 All Boxing Results

The main event of this week's Telefutura “Solo Boxeo” broadcast featured former IBF lightweight titlist Javier “Chatito” Jauregui taking on hard punching Filipino Randy Suico in a ten-round contest. Jauregui came out for the first few rounds and showed decent boxing skills as he punched in combinations while moving his upper body well. Suico started to apply a lot of pressure in the third round, landing his own powerful shots, but “Chatito” weathered the storm and took control of the fight by the sixth with hard hooks and crosses. In general, Javier showed a nice stiff jab and looked fluid with his punches. The entire fight featured good exchanges, but the Mexican controlled the action for the most part, taking a unanimous decision. With the win, Jauregui keeps his hopes alive for another world title shot.

Norberto Bravo Loses Decision to Ben Tackie on Telefutura

By Sergio Martinez September 24th, 2005 All Boxing Results

Tonight’s opening televised bout of Telefutura’s “Solo Boxeo” boxing series featured perennial contender Ben “Wonder” Tackie winning a hard fought ten-round majority decision over tough and rugged Norberto Bravo. The fight featured a lot of two-way action with both fighters having their moments. Tackie, true to form, seemed to get stronger as the fight went into the latter rounds and hurt Bravo late with wicked body shots. The Arizona native showed a ton of heart, but was simply outgunned by the warrior from Ghana. It's a solid win for Tackie as he looks to make some noise in a wide-open welterweight division.

Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy on the TKO Boxing Show

By Sergio Martinez September 20th, 2005 All Boxing Interviews, Radio Show

TKO Boxing Radio13 Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy on the TKO Boxing Show

It’s that time of the week fight fans and here's another edition of the TKO Boxing Show, found only on This week, I provide some feedback on last weekend's "Parade of Champions" card and IBF Super Middle Champion Jeff Lacy stopped by for a chat that you'll definitely want to hear. I close things up with "This Week in Boxing", a preview of this week's upcoming action. Tune in right now and enjoy the show!

Jeff \”Left Hook\” Lacy: Exclusive Barrera vs. Peden Prediction

By Sergio Martinez September 17th, 2005 All Boxing Interviews, Radio Show

suckerpunch1 Jeff \Left Hook\ Lacy: Exclusive Barrera vs. Peden Prediction

Fight fans! Minutes ago, I had a conversation with Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy and he was gracious enough to give the greatest fans on the plant his take on what is going to happen tonight when Robbie "Bomber" Peden faces Marco Antonio Barrera on HBO's pay-per-view boxing series. Make sure you tune in and hear what he had to say. Also, don't miss tomorrow's "TKO Boxing Show" as my special guest is none other than "Left Hook" himself. We talked about everything under the boxing sun and he has a special message for Joe Calzaghe that you won't want to miss. More...

Johnny Tapia: Knocked Out in Two Rounds

By Sergio Martinez September 17th, 2005 All Boxing Results

Tonight’s main event of Telefutura’s “Solo Boxeo” boxing series featured former five-time world champion and boxing icon Johnny “Mi Vida Loca” Tapia taking on Mexican journeyman Sandro Marcos. It was evident in the opening stanza that Tapia was going to have problems dealing with the hard punching Mexican as Marcos caught Johnny early with a left hook that wobbled the New Mexican boxing legend. In the second round, Sandro stunned Tapia again with a left hook to the head, followed by a right hand that was blocked. But Marcos finished off the combination with a hard, rib cracking left hook that sent “Mi Vida Loca” to the canvas wincing in pain. Tapia would not beat the count. With the victory, Marcos may have added two or three more fights to his career. As for Tapia, who knows what’s next?

HBO Boxing PPV Headliner: Barrera vs. Peden

By Sergio Martinez September 15th, 2005 All Boxing Previews

Don’t Sleep on This fight!

For those of you who are saying that this Saturday night’s HBO pay-per-view fight between Mexico’s WBC 130lb Champion Marco Antonio Barrera and his IBF counterpart, Australia's Robbie “Bomber” Peden, is just not a quality matchup, then you are just not a true boxing fan. It’s time to wake up, slap your face several times with a hammer and realize the facts. The “Bomber” is an exciting, high output, tough as nails brawler looking for a war on the inside. There is no doubt in my mind that Robbie will come out with all guns blazing, seeking to make his mark on the sport and “prove that he belongs” as he told me during our interview on this site's TKO Boxing Show. That desire to prove his worth as a fighter will carry him through hell and back twice, and he is going to need it as “hell” will be across from him this Saturday in the form of Marco Antonio Barrera. So do yourself and our beloved sport a favor by tuning in to what should be a great fight on Saturday night.

Robbie \”Bomber\” Peden on the TKO Boxing Show

By Sergio Martinez September 13th, 2005 All Boxing Interviews, Radio Show

TKO Boxing Radio12 Robbie \Bomber\ Peden on the TKO Boxing Show

Fight fans! Welcome to the latest edition of the TKO Boxing Show found only on, the premier source for all of your boxing news. This week, our special guest is Robbie "Bomber" Peden as he gears up to face the Mexican legend, Marco Antonio Barrera in a super feather title unification tilt. Also, our very own Edwin Gonzalez joins us on the show giving his take on this past weekend's HBO card which featured Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao. The show ends with the upcoming weeks action in "This Week in Boxing". So make sure to tune in as you're going to want to check it out! More...

Round by Round: Erik “El Terrible” Morales vs. Zahir Raheem

By Sergio Martinez September 11th, 2005 All Round by Round

Here’s how it all went down fight fans!

roundbyround24 Round by Round: Erik “El Terrible” Morales vs. Zahir Raheem Round 1: Erik Morales, 134 1/4, comes out in his orthodox stance as Zahir Raheem, 133 pounds, is also in an orthodox stance. Both fighters come out with high guards and Raheem is shooting jabs. Morales shoots some jabs to the body that come out short.

Morales is using a lot of upper body movement. Zahir lands a sharp left hook to the head. Morales comes back with a straight right hand. Left hook by Raheem lands with solid impact. He again lands with a hard right hand. Morales lands a right to the body followed by a right to the head. He lands a short left upper cut followed by a right hand. Raheem misses with a right and is countered by Morales.

10-10 Even More...

Round by Round: Manny Pacquiao vs. Hector Velazquez

By Sergio Martinez September 10th, 2005 All Round by Round
Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and televised on HBO, Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao locked horns with tough Mexican veteran Hector Velazquez. Here is how it went down, punch for punch, in California. roundbyround23 Round by Round: Manny Pacquiao vs. Hector Velazquez

Round 1: Manny Pacquiao, 130, comes out is his southpaw stance, while Hector Velazquez, also 130 pounds, is in his orthodox stance. Velazquez comes out kind of pushing off with his jab. Pacquaio counters with a hard left hand. Hector continues to circle his opponent and shoots a soft jab. He shoots a right hand to the body. Velazquez lands a sharp right. Manny lands a straight left hand. Hector lands a hard right to the head followed by two to Manny’s body. He catches “Pac-Man” coming in with another hard right. Manny lands a sharp left hand, but seems one-dimensional. Another big right hand lands for Hector. Pacquiao lands a hard right hand, but Hector takes it very well. The round ends.

10-9 Velazquez More...

The Big Debate: Erik “El Terrible” Morales vs. Zahir Raheem

By Sergio Martinez September 10th, 2005 All Boxing Debates
debates15 The Big Debate: Erik “El Terrible” Morales vs. Zahir Raheem Well fight fans we are gearing up for another great boxing weekend as this Saturday night, HBO brings us a super feather doubleheader featuring Erik “El Terrible” Morales taking on Zahir Raheem. The once beaten Raheem will attempt to shock the world by

out-classing and out-boxing a true legend in Erik Morales. Many say that Erik is older, slower, and ready to be taken. I emphatically disagree! Although Raheem is not an easy mark, I still believe that the young pugilist from Philadelphia, PA, is in over his head and will be sent running back down to the 126-pound division. Here is how “El Terrible” is going to get it done on September 10th.

People say that Morales has too many miles on his boxing odometer and that it will show against the younger, faster and fresher Raheem. I turn that around and say that Erik is too vastly experienced to lose to such a young pug. “El Terrible” has forgotten more about boxing than Raheem will ever learn. Erik has seen it all in the ring as his opponent’s list is a who’s who of fighter from 122 to 130-pounds, spanning over the past eight years. I seriously doubt that Zahir will be able to befuddle Morales with anything, unless he grows a third arm and the commission allows him to use it. That experience allows Erik to pace himself as he is well aware of when to pressure, and when to move. Speaking of pressure, Raheem, although a very experienced amateur fighter, has never, ever felt the kind of intense pressure that he will feel on Saturday night as “El Terrible” is a tyrant in the ring. You can only run from Morales for so long because, eventually, he will catch up to you. Also, it is hard to convince judges of victory if you are constantly moving in reverse. More...

Steven Luevano Remains Undefeated

By Sergio Martinez September 10th, 2005 All Boxing Results

Tonight, Telefutura’s “Solo Boxeo” boxing series featured undefeated prospect Steven Luevano fighting at 122-pounds for the first time in his career. Luevano took on the battle tested veteran, Ruben Estanislao. The twelve-round contest was a tougher than expected affair as Estanislao definitely showed up to take Steven’s undefeated record. The twelve round contest featured a lot of two way action, as both combatants tested each others meddle. Ruben had his moments during the contest, but was outclassed overall by the much faster and more talented Luevano. Steven showed some grit and determination as he stood in there and exchanged leather with the warring Mexican. At the end of the fight, Luevano took a lopsided, but hard fought twelve-round unanimous decision. Steven, who started his career at 130-pounds, is a very large 122 pound southpaw with good skills and fast hands. If he can continue to make the weight, Luevano can be a major player at the super bantamweight division.

Eleazar Contreras, Jr. Scores First Round Knockout

By Sergio Martinez September 9th, 2005 All Boxing Results

Welterweight contender Eleazar Contreras, Jr. opened up tonight’s Telefutura’s “Solo Boxeo” boxing show with a first round knockout of tough and rugged Mexican journeyman Alfonso “Poncho” Sanchez. Contreras came out fast, shooting hard three and four punch combinations that were finding their mark. With about one minute left in the round, the Californian landed a hard, sharp, chin checking right hook that put Sanchez down for the count. The tough Mexican was up at the count of eight, but was again sent to the canvas courte! sy of another hard right hand. This time, “Ponch” would not beat the count. With the win, Contreras improves his record to 26-4-2 with 10 kos, and keeps his title hopes alive.

Amir Khan

By Sergio Martinez September 9th, 2005 All Boxing Articles
Eighteen year old light welterweight sensation Amir Khan is Britain’s future hope for boxing world domination. The Bolton, Lancashire born Khan was a highly decorated amateur who possess world-class speed, solid boxing fundamentals and appears to carry a punch even though he has yet to acquire his “man strength”. The only thing missing is whether or not Amir has a chin. That, like every other high profile thumb khan v kindelan 53 Amir Khan
Click for larger image
© Mike Cleary

prospect out there, will not been known until much later as, right now Khan is in the “baby steps” of a professional career and facing non-descript competition. The questions that also looms, because of who represents Amir, is how long will he face non-descript competition before having a career defining fight? More...

Erik “El Terrible” Morales: One of Boxing’s True Mythical Figures.

By Sergio Martinez September 5th, 2005 All Boxing Articles
barreramorales3 Erik “El Terrible” Morales: One of Boxing’s True Mythical Figures. La Sona Norte in Tijuana is the toughest area in a poverty-stricken town known for its hard streets, and even harder residents. It is a place where hope for a better life is not readily accessible to the “common” man, but lawlessness, prostitution,

alcoholism, and mind altering chemicals are. Not all of Tijuana is like this, as I do not mean to make the Mexican city sound like a wasteland, but the only area that is cared for by the Mexican Government is the downtown, and the reason for that is the tourists. It is like many other frontier cities in Mexico, where I live included, in that wherever the “gringo” carouses, is where all is well. Let me tell you this, I am willing to bet my last dollar that the “gringo” does not frequent La Sona Norte area, but that is where the life and fighting spirit of Erik “El Terrible” Morales was forged. More...

Jhonny Gonzalez Continues His Quest for a World Title.

By Sergio Martinez September 1st, 2005 All Boxing Results

118-pound NABO bantamweight champion, Jhonny Gonzalez (29-4-0 With 25 KOs), who was suppose to be facing Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson, ended up fighting Nicaraguan William Gonzalez (19-1-0 with 17 KOs). William, who is a southpaw, came out fast, swinging with both fists. As the Nicaraguan waded in carelessly, the freakishly tall NABO champion countered with a hard left hook to the chin that sent his challenger down. William was up at the count of eight, and continued to aggressively pursue the Mexican. The Nicaraguan came out in the second, and continued to be aggressive. He landed a hard left hand that stunned the Mexican, but Jhonny came back with his own powerful attack that stemmed the tide. William seemed to try and counter, as the Mexican landed some hard shots, but was unsuccessful. The Nicaraguan reverted back to aggression and started to use some head movement in an attempt to confuse Jhonny. As the Mexican came in, and landed some hard hooks, he tripped as William threw a punch, and it was ruled a knockdown. A point was deducted from the Nicaraguan as he tried to hit the Mexican while he was down. The round ended with no advantage to any fighter. In the third round, William began to wing shots carelessly again, and was caught with a hard, straight right hand that put William to the ground. The Nicaraguan rose, and fought even harder, catching the Mexican with his own hard left hook that put Jhonny to the canvas. The Mexican, in true machismo fashion, beat the count and, with three seconds left in the stanza, landed a crushing right hand that sent William crashing to the canvas, with his head violently bouncing off the ring floor. He would not beat the count. With the knockout victory, Jhonny Gonzalez kept his quest for a world title alive. He is a powerful, tall bantamweight who is exciting to watch. A fight with the 118-pound boss, Rafael Marquez, would be fun to watch.

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