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‘Sugar Ray Leonard’

Sugar Ray Leonard To Attend Own Vegas Induction Ceremony

By Boxing Press August 2nd, 2013 All Press Releases

Sugar Ray Leonard, a 1976 Olympic gold medalist who won world titles in five weight classes as one of the great fighters in the 1980s, has announced that he will attend the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame's inaugural induction gala on Saturday, Aug. 10 at the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas. More...

Boxing Spotlight: Jean “The Marvelous” Pascal Takes On Bernard Hopkins

By Jose Espinoza October 21st, 2010 All Boxing Interviews

 Jean Pascal1 Boxing Spotlight: Jean “The Marvelous” Pascal Takes On Bernard Hopkins
© Jose Espinoza / Saddo Boxing

Short Audio Interview:

There are occasions when a writer feels compelled to compare a current athlete with an all-time great. Looking at Jean Pascal’s career so far and his potential in the future; I can’t help but be reminiscent as I see in the Pascal the same charisma, ambition and elegance in the ring as the preeminent Marvin Hagler.

Pascal will face a 45 year old, Bernard Hopkins, in Quebec City on December 18th, 2010. The fight has created an atmosphere of excitement in the province that has not been seen since 1980 when Roberto Duran faced Sugar Ray Leonard at the Olympic Stadium. Faced with such an experienced opponent, Pascal will have to channel his inner Hagler to meet the challenge from Hopkins.

The Comparison:

Hagler won 57 fights as an amateur and in 1973; he became the Amateur Athletic Union middleweight champion. As for Pascal, his record as an amateur stands at 103 wins with 18 losses. He became the Canadian amateur champion seven times from 1998 to 2004 and he even joined the Canadian national boxing team. Both these fighters have had exceptional careers in the amateurs before turning to the professional ranks. More...

Boxing Legends Leonard, Hearns Weigh In On Mosley vs. Mayweather

By Boxing Press May 1st, 2010 All Press Releases

As participants in perhaps the greatest welterweight fight of the last 30 years, "Sugar" Ray Leonard and Thomas "Hitman" Hearns gave their opinions to the media concerning tonight's "Sugar" Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. welterweight clash.

Sugar Ray Leonard, Seven-Time World Champion

On Mayweather vs. Mosley:

"I see this fight as rather intriguing. I know a lot of people are leaning toward Floyd Mayweather Jr. Most of the time fights don't live up to expectations. But fights like this, with Mosley and Mayweather, are highly anticipated. More...

Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard Joins Jones vs. Hopkins II Broadcast Team

By Boxing Press April 1st, 2010 All Press Releases

Boxing superstar and legend, Sugar Ray Leonard, a man who knows better than most what it's like to compete in a super fights and legendary rematches, will join an elite team of announcers at ringside and help call the action for the pay-per-view telecast of "The Rivals: Hopkins vs. Jones II" Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. More...

HBO Boxing: Is Mayweather’s Return Among Other Great Comebacks?

By Boxing Press September 9th, 2009 All Press Releases

It's the year of the sports comeback with Tiger Woods, Pedro Martinez, Roger Federer, and Tom Brady all coming back to their respective sports in attempts to reclaim their places in sports history.

Joining the roster is Floyd "Money" Mayweather, already a six-time world championship in five weight divisions, coming back to the sweet science, after a nearly two-year layoff against five-time world champion in three weight divisions Juan Manuel "Dinamita" Marquez on Saturday, September 19 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. More...

Boxing Perspective: Oscar Is Gone – What Do We Have Now?

By David Shipman May 15th, 2009 All Boxing Articles

In watching boxing, I have had very weird conversations with my friends. They quip, "No one watches boxing and why would I care?". I simply say that it is the greatest sport in the world.

It is much like golf. Who can you blame except yourself or the judges? No one. I have seen many great fighters in my 26 years of watching boxing. Pernell Whitaker, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Felix Trinidad, "Terrible" Terry Norris, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson....the list goes on.

But what makes me cringe is the fact that I have to shell out 50 or 60 dollars to watch a "garbage" 12-round fight. Where do we go from here? It is up to us as viewers and fistic historians to delve in to this.

Let's start with the 1980's. This was a period of outstanding fights and wars, the pinnacle of Mike Tyson's reign and the beginning of Pernell Whitaker's historic run through divisions. Is there any fighter today that can come close to that? Maybe in Manny Pacquiao and maybe Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mayweather, Jr. is talented enough but doesn't fight "the best". Do we still have to shell out 59 dollars to see him beat up on Arturo Gatti? No. It shouldn't be that way. We as fight fans don't want the UFC to take boxing over, but they are simply beating us to the punch. More...

Boxing’s Desperate Search For a Superstar

By Daxx Kahn November 4th, 2008 All Boxing Articles

Are we putting our fighters on the chopping block?

I am all for rivalry. If you ask me, a good rivalry will push you to your limits in the quest to come out on top. The sport of boxing as a whole is in the biggest rivalry it has encountered since its creation. That rival comes in the form of Mixed Martial Art's.

Let's face it, MMA and the UFC in particular have been not only giving the sport of boxing a run for it's money in the viewer department, but it has often been coming out ahead. It's not really hard to see why in all honesty, MMA puts out more shows with top level names headlining, it is fast paced, gives more then enough violence to satisfy even the most blood thirsty viewer and most importantly, their roster of talent is constantly fresh.

Yet for all the plus factors, MMA still has not withstood the test of time. Kickboxing at one point gained popularity in mainstream media but after the same old routine, faded out into obscurity, Muai Thai garnered the same attraction at one point in time, it has even started to make a comeback recently by having a version of "The Contender" geared around its style but for all its fanfare, Muai Thai remains only a mainstream sport in Thailand and surrounding countries.

While none of the two reached the peak of popularity MMA has, they also did not rely on two promoters to keep the sport alive either. If the UFC or WEC go under, the sport will more than likely go with it. Yet for some reason, MMA has put boxing into a panic!

Lately boxing has created it's own internal rumor mill surrounding fighters. Every time a fighter on the rise or an established veteran has a big win, the same questions seem to hit our media circuit almost immediately. The articles start being printed and fans start to wonder if they witnessed "Boxing's Savior".

It has come to the point of almost seeming desperate, as if the need for a mega star must be found sooner than later. The departure of Floyd Mayweather Jr and fact that Oscar De La Hoya is soon on his way out have onlookers running around like chickens without heads. Marketing strategies are being abandoned, fighters are being over hyped. We are setting ourselves up for disaster!

Throughout history, elite fighters were created over time; it took more than one or two big wins to become a superstar. You had to win convincingly again and again to gain respect, one or two wins over top rated opposition meant only one thing, that the fighter had potential for greatness if they could continue with longevity. More...

Boxing Great Sugar Ray Leonard Honored By The JMMF

By Boxing Press September 1st, 2008 All Press Releases

The Jim Murray Memorial Foundation (JMMF) will honor Sugar Ray Leonard, one of the legendary sports icons of the 20th century whose very name epitomizes boxing and conjures the image of a champion, with its “Great Ones” award at the Tenth Anniversary “Tribute to Living Legends of Sports and Media” on Thursday, October 30, 2008, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA. More...

Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard on Sergio Mora

By Boxing Press June 4th, 2008 All Press Releases

 Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard on Sergio Mora
© Joe Miranda / Showtime Boxing

Legendary fighter Sugar Ray Leonard recently shared his thoughts about Sergio Mora and the challenger’s upcoming bout against Vernon Forrest Saturday on Showime. More...

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