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Nikolai Sergeyevich Valuev highlights Greatest Hits tribute 2018 Nikolai Sergeyevich Valuev (Russian: Никола́й Серге́евич Валу́ев; born 21 August 1973) is a Russian politician and former professional boxer. In boxing he competed from 1993 to 2009, and held the WBA heavyweight title twice between 2005 and 2009. Standing at a height of 2.14 metres (7.0 ft) and a peak weight of 149 kilograms (328 lb), Valuev is best known for being the tallest and heaviest world champion in boxing history.

Valuev was born on 21 August 1973, in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union (now Saint Petersburg, Russia).[6] Although his own parents are short—both 1.67 m (5.5 ft) tall—his Tatar great-grandfather has been described as "of mountainous proportions" and "a warrior giant of Russian folklore." His own size and appearance are due to giantism complicated by acromegaly.[7][8] Valuev has three young children, daughter Irina and son Grisha (Grigoriy), his third child, son Sergei, was born on 30 July 2012. In his professional boxing career he was defeated only twice, by Ruslan Chagaev and David Haye.
Valuev is a Russian Orthodox Christian.[9] During his youth he played water polo and basketball.
Valuev has written a book in Russian called My 12 Rounds, with the help of prominent Russian sports journalist Konstantin Osipov.[10] The book discusses his life in general and his boxing career in particular. For that book, Valuev received an award from the government of St. Petersburg.[11] The book was presented in St. Petersburg on 5 February 2007.
In January 2006, Valuev was accused of assaulting a security guard at the Spartak Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. No criminal investigation was ever launched by local police.