Self Defense against a 6'4" Attacker

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One of the most common ways most people fight is with the one arm lapel grab, which basically just means someone coming, grabbing you by the shirt, and punching you nonstop. Another unorthodox way is an attacker coming at you throwing wild punches randomly, with a lot of force behind them. Both manners are unexpected and happen quickly, you don't know what your attacker could be thinking or how he will react. You should be aware of everything and anything, in this case.

You should expect the unexpected in this type of situation. Question whether your attacker has backup, or if he is carrying a weapon. You have to assume the worst.

For the one arm lapel, seeing as your attacker is much larger than you, he has the upper hand in strength. When he grabs you by your shirt, you need to be aware that the arm that is there might strike you when you least expect it. So, it is best to trap it there, just to be safe.

Having blocked the arm that has grabbed you, you need to see if you can find an opportunity to block his strikes that are coming from his other hand.

Strength plays a big role here. If you try to out-muscle such a larger and bigger opponent, you might end up on the ground, with him towering over you. You want to avoid this.

Instead, your goal should be to trap his arms and hands before your attacker starts to strike you. Bringing his arm down and using all your force to keep him there could help you survive the situation.

In self-defense, size does matter, along with speed and range. However, just because you are smaller than your attacker does not mean you should let him have the upper hand and injure you to the point of death! Being smart, and applying intelligent techniques and movement can help you survive the outcome.

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Nick Drossos and Patrick V
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