Alfredo Angulo vs James Kirkland

Alfredo Angulo (20-1, 17 KOs), hailing from Mexicali, Mexico, will face James Kirkland (29-1, 26 KOs), from Austin, Texas, in an eagerly anticipated junior middleweight battle from Cancun that will be broadcast in HBO's Boxing After Dark on Nov. 5.

Neither man is a defensive genius. When these guys climb through the ropes, they're prepared for war.

Their personal and legal difficulties—Angulo was distracted with visa issues and Kirkland was killing time in jail—sidetracked both men's careers. But that was then and this is now and the winner of this bout ought to be catapulted back into the mix.

"This is the kind of fight boxing needs and I respect James Kirkland for stepping up and taking it," Angulo said. "We're not going to dance or hug in there on November 5th. We're going to fight, and I can't wait."

"Angulo has been on my radar for a long time," added Kirkland, "and I'm happy that we're finally going to get a chance to fight each other. He's a good fighter. I like his style and I know we're going to make for a great fight."

Those who like nothing better than watching a boxing watch where a fight breaks out have something to look forward to.