Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito II (HD Promo)

There was a time when Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito were a bit friendly with each other, having fought on the same Top Rank cards several times. That all ended, of course, in the aftermath of their July 2008 fight in Las Vegas, when Margarito stopped Cotto in the 11th round of a tremendous slugfest to win a welterweight title. Cotto (36-2, 29 KOs), like many, has said he believes Margarito (38-7, 27 KOs) got away with wearing loaded hand wraps for their fight, which many attribute his gruesome facial swelling to.

"The first fight has to go down with an asterisk, after what happened with Mosley," Cotto said Thursday. "So there is a doubt that there are questions about our fight. Everyone knows what happened to him after our fight."

As if a rematch between the two wouldn't have been anticipated enough, we can throw the controversy over the hand wraps into the equation -- which was a big part of the discussion as they spent this week promoting their Dec. 3 (HBO PPV) sequel at New York's Madison Square Garden during a four-city media tour of San Juan, Puerto Rico, New York, Mexico City and Los Angeles.

"The hand wraps, that is an issue," Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said. "It's an issue based on what Cotto thinks and what happened with the Mosley fight."

Arum -- who maintained all along that Margarito never knew the wraps were loaded before the Mosley fight and said he believes that Margarito did not wear altered wraps for the 2008 fight with Cotto -- said they will take measures to make sure there is no funny business with the wraps before the rematch.

Arum said his plan is for each trainer, Emanuel Steward for Cotto and Robert Garcia for Margarito, to seal all of their wrapping materials -- tape, gauze and pads -- in bags at the weigh-in and charge the New York commission with keeping them secure overnight, until it's time for the boxers' hands to be wrapped on fight night.

"Why not take all the steps that you can to make it not an issue in this fight?" Arum said.

He said he has talked to New York commissioner Melvina Lathan, who said the organization would do something to keep the materials secure.

Although he didn't address the financial factors, Cotto said, "I'm happy to get the rematch so I can prove I can beat him. I'm very confident it will be a great fight like the first one, but with a different result. I know the mistakes I made in the first fight and they will be corrected. I'm more mature now and I have a better attitude about my training and about getting ready for a fight than I did three years ago."

Margarito, who will be fighting for the first time since suffering a serious eye injury in a 12-round thrashing at the hands of Manny Pacquiao in November, maintains that his wraps were clean for their first fight and predicts another victory -- this time without any taint.

"I'm a clean fighter. I have never done anything illegal in my career," Margarito said. "Once I beat him again, it will be proof. But I understand where he's coming from.

Miguel Angel Cotto y Antonio Margarito predicen que su segundo enfrentamiento, el 3 de diciembre próximo en el Madison Square Garden de Nueva York, tendrá la misma intensidad del primero.

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