Margarito Handwrap Controversy «HD»

Margarito maintains he doesn't know what was in the wraps, and that he can't change the way people feel. But he's coming back and that's the most important thing. Margarito recalls having his first hand wrapped, and Naazim Richardson commenting about how much tape he was using. Then Richardson checked the pads, and the block fell out.

Margarito says he didn't notice the wrap was bad because he never had a chance to punch with it, and so he didn't feel it at all. Margarito was very depressed following the incident, and has only been in the ring once since then, a minor bout in Mexico. He was denied reinstatement into California, but got his license in Texas for the Pacquiao fight. Now he views this as his chance to prove to the world that he can win without cheating.