New YouTube Demonetization Controversy - WAN Show Feb 22, 2019

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Timestamps courtesy of Caito

0:00 - The start of another spectacular WAN Show
0:52 - Intro (jk)
0:59 - Intro (actually)
2:05 - Why have WAN Shows been disapearing
4:22 - Linus claims to be a tech guru
5:13 - LTX news / Colton goes on a power trip
12:11 - YouTube demonetizing videos for comments left on it
32:44 - Floatplane wouldn't be pulling content down
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37:10 - Linus and Luke are going snowboarding
38:13 - Samsung Galaxy Fold
44:36 - Apple 2019 products leaks
45:26 - Floatplane needs to buy a Mac mini, Linus isn't happy
47:39 - Sudden death