ULTIMATE Viet American Success Story: TVJohnny - Johnny Dang. a Kyle Le Vlog

a Kyle Le vlog

I always love to showcase the resilence and strengths of the Vietnamese people abroad. TVJohnny aka Johnny Dang is a prime example of this. From making $500 dollars in the first six months in 1996 to now, the celebrity jeweler to the stars. This man pioneered and reinvented the grills that you see many hip hop stars, athletes, and celebrities wear today. That's right, a Vietnamese man from Buon Ma Thuot was responsible for that. This is truly impressive and inspiring. All footage are from TVJohnny's YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/johnnydangtv
All photos belong to Johnny or their respected owners under fair use policy. Thank you for watching.
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Filmed with an NX500 16-55 mm

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