Ortiz vs Berto HIGHLIGHTS: April 30, 2016 - PBC on FOX

Andre Berto defeated Victor Ortiz with a shocking KO in the 4th round on April 30th, 2016 at StubHub in Carson, CA.

Ortiz and Berto waste no time getting into the action and accidentally head butt in round 1. This head butt left Ortiz with a gash on his head and blood streaming down his face. Despite the gash Ortiz seemed very patient and relaxed in the first two rounds. Ortiz lands a straight left jab to Berto’s chin in round 2. Shortly after Ortiz scored a knockdown in round 2 and Berto appeared to be under pressure.

In round 3 Berto and Ortiz connect and the crowd chants for more. Berto attempts to send flurry’s of punches to Oritz but does not have much luck. In round 4 Berto comes forward and attacks Ortiz with confidence. Berto knocks down Ortiz in the beginning of round 4 and Ortiz is shaken up but beats the eight count.

Wasting no time Berto delivers punches left and right to Ortiz landing left hooks leaving Ortiz foggy and wobbly. Ortiz is brought to the canvas and cannot give a response to the referee on if he wants to continue.

Andre Berto wins by knockout and improves his record to 31-4.

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