10 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

How to stay healthy? Which foods should you avoid? It turns out that a lot of "healthy" food is actually a threat! For example, fresh sliced vegetables can do more harm than good.
Due to the warming of the water in the World Ocean, raw shellfish is a favorable breeding ground for many new species of bacteria.What can you eat instead? Baked oysters with spicy sauce taste just as good.
If you want a drink, you’d be better off with pasteurized juices. Yet if you want all the vitamins fruits can offer you, the perfect option is to eat fresh fruit.
Choose medium-well and well-done meat, not rare meat. Also, only boiled or pasteurized milk is completely safe. To avoid E. coli and salmonella, you should fry or bake Brussels sprouts at a temperature of at least 320°F (160°C).
Jerky meat (it's better if it’s homemade) combines perfectly with bread and butter, and it’s no worse than sausage.

Raw oysters 0:33
Fresh juice 1:04
Rare meat 1:27
Sprouted grains 1:45
Fresh milk 2:12
Raw Brussels sprouts 2:42
Boiled river fish and fish soup 3:08
Meat products 3:45
Packaged food made of 2 or more ingredients 4:15
Pre-washed and sliced vegetables and fruits 4:51

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-Raw shellfish is a favorable breeding ground for many new species of bacteria.
-Freshly squeezed juice can cause infection with viruses and bacteria.
-Temperatures below 160°F (71°С) don’t kill the E. coli and Salmonella contained in meat.
-Because of E. coli and salmonella, which are found in food much more often than you might think, you shouldn’t eat sprouted grains.
-The conditions in which fresh milk is extracted cannot be called sterile, even if the owner takes good care of the cow.
-Bill Marler (American lawyer that has worked with food poisoning cases for more than 20 years) had 30 cases involving poisoning with raw Brussels sprouts, and this is the reason to put them on this list.
-Spanish scientists from the University of Seville found out that cooking freshwater fish kills only 18% of life-threatening cyanotoxins.
-American studies confirm that even the most expensive and quality meat products contain nitrates and nitrites, which can cause cancer.
-Manufacturers of many packaged foods use butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) as preservatives.
-Fruits and vegetables that are sold washed and cut have already gone through several people’s hands. The more people that touch the food, the higher the chance it gets their bacteria.

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