Naseem Hamed vs Freddie Cruz 14th of 37

Hamed's 14th bout the WBC International Super Bantamweight Championship
(Age 20 Fights 13 Won 13 Lost 0 Drawn 0)
vs. Freddy Cruz from Dominican Republic
(Age 32 Fights 57 Won 45 Lost 6 Draw 6)
Oct.12 1994
loc. Sheffield,England TKO3
Hamed wins the title by TKO. Cruz's legs were shaking already in the 1st round.In the 3rd round he lays Cruz down by a left hook which turns into a solid push,broke with that the heart of Cruz. 6th round the referee stops the contest. Cruz has his 1st stoppage and probably the toughest punishment during his career wherefore he offended Hamed by called him a child.
In the interview Hamed has a short but pretty amusing conversation with the WBO featherweight champion Steve Robinson and with the ITV's reporter.
Hamed's 15th bout :