Naseem Hamed vs Vincenzo Belcastro 12th of 37

Hamed's 12th bout The European Bantamweight Title
(Age 20 Fights 11 Won 11 Lost 0 Drawn 0)
vs Vincenzo Belcastro - from Calabria, Italy
(Age 33 Fights 37 Won 28 Lost 6 Drawn 3)
May 11 1994
loc. Sheffield, England
Hamed sent Belcastro to the canvas in the 1st round by an awesome right hook - straight left combination. After this dominiation Hamed started his show,he humiliated mentally as well physically Belcastro.Hamed did pose after each bell showed even after 3mins of punching he still has plenty power.He used this trick further on too as it worked perfectly.In the last round Hamed literally danced felt his victory.It was Hamed's 1st twelve round bout which he won by an obvious UD.Hamed has his 1st title.
Hamed's 13th bout