Spotlight | Tenshin Nasukawa 天川天神

#Tenshin Nasukawa amassed an amateur record of 99-5 by the age of 18 before turned professional in kickboxing. He made a name for himself after knocking out Wanchalong PKSenchaigym with weight disadvantage (who was the multiple Bangkok Lumpinee and Channel 7 champion) with a swivel kick when Nasukawa was still a high school student. He started to compete in kickboxing and MMA where he was signed by RIZIN MMA promotion in Japan. - Wiki

EN/ SHOUT OUT to 'Hilal Yendork' who messaged me after watching my Rena Kubota video for the initial heads-up about this guy! Much appreciated! I, like a lot of people, had no idea he even existed. Mayweather fiasco aside this guy (kid?) is pretty legit. And ive watched every micro-second of every one of his fights. If any fighter was built for Hollywood this is it.

The only real issue with making this was that there was sooooo much footage with the majority of his fights available online (and much more added since this was uploaded!). What do you keep and what do you leave out. Naturally this lead to the video being fairly longer than my other edits but I kinda wanted it to be anyway. One subscriber described it the best... a back 2 back 2 back series of trailers.

I got to use a lot of my preferred music type, movie soundtracks. For this I used a lotta Transformers 🤖clips (hats off to the incredible YouTubers who recreate a lot of these so accurately, you guys rock!👊

The opening is one of my favourites (hope you guys liked it too?). Thought it would be cool showing the trail of destruction left behind before revealing the fighter himself, a seemingly regular-looking kid. Then a quick training clip followed by my Rizen-themed rapid montage (as I did with Rena). Then a focus on his insane reaction speed⚡️, kicks and lastly his finishes which ties back into the opening sequence. Looking forward to doing his follow up edit this year.👊MW

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