McAllister vs Selders FULL FIGHT: Jan. 19, 2016 - PBC on FS1

Malcom McAllister faced Tyrone Selders in a fight scheduled for 8 rounds on PBC on FS1 Tuesday, January 19. The fight finished by TKO before the half way mark.

Malcom McAllister (6-0) went in to the first round beating Tyrone Selders to the punch when his opponent would close the distance between the two fighters. McAllister counters Selders again with a left and a right hand, sending Selders to the canvas. The punishment in the first round continued for Selders, getting rocked by a right to the head.

In round 2 Selders opened the fight much more aggressively then he did in the first round. Selders tried to bring the fight to McAllister but to avail, with every punch he through McAllister would have an answer for him. An inside uppercut by McAllister causes Selders knees to buckle and the fight continues in the direction of McAllister.

Round 3 would end up being the final round. McAllister and Selders fought toe to toe, bringing the fight to each other with jabs, combinations and power punches. The two would slug it out with each other but it was McAllister who had more power in his tank. The end started with a left hook-right cross by McAllister with a minute left in the fight. Selders tried to power through the punches, but he's caught with another massive left hook, followed by a crushing right hand. One final left from McAllister catches his opponent and the ref finally stepped in and called the fight.

Malcom McAllister remains undefeated and wins by TKO in round 3.

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