Top Gifts Your Dog Will Go Crazy For!

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Wondering what the perfect gift is for a dog? I round up my top 2018 gifts for dogs in my annual gift guide. If you watched I have to give up this Golden Retriever puppy with Jalapeno the dog or my most recent dog rescue video This is a tough decision (Winky the dog) then you know I spend a lot of time with dogs and dog products making me an expert on what dogs love.

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1. Hands down my #1 pet gift of the year is the Whistle 3 GPS Tracker & Activity Tracker. This gift offers me peace of mind because when it’s attach it to my dog’s collar, I can immediately locate where exactly my dog is and track their daily activity on my phone. Not only do I use the Whistle with my personal dogs, I also make sure all the dogs I foster and feature on my show Dog’s Day Out is wearing one as well. The Whistle also helps me to maintain my dog’s health by being able to see what their daily activity looks like. I can even see what their activity level looks like compared to other dogs who are similar in size and age. I don’t ever leave home without making sure my pups have their whistle on.

2. This next gift is also one of my favorite items (and I could be a little biased) because I make them myself! These healthy slow baked treats are our best selling meaty treats because dogs can literally smell the love that goes into baking them. When I bring a bag of these home, my dogs will literally sit by the cabinet until I open up the bag and give them a piece - they are THAT good! The team and I have perfected a 3 day air dried then slow baked process using only the best ingredients. And yes, this extra takes time! But we believe in doing it right for your tail wagging family member. The Dog Bakery Jerky treats also boost your dog's health with superfoods like pumpkin, coconut, and blueberries. So if your dog needs support with hips or joints (think arthritis), skin and coat (dry, itchy skin) or digestion (ahem, we all know a dog who does cuz’ we can smell them a mile away) these treats can help!
3. Every time I leave home, I always wonder what my pups are up to. That’s until I got the The Furbo Dog Camera & Treat Tosser! I can watch my dogs, have a conversation with them and even toss them a treat when I’m not home. What I love even more is they it has a real time barking alert. If my dogs start barking, I get an immediate notification on my phone and can check in on them. The tech junky in me loves the camera quality on this! It has a super clear 1080p full HD, 4x zoom and 160 degree angle with night vision.
4. Next up is the Sniff Diggy Nose Work Mat. This interactive gift is perfect for when my dogs need some mental stimulation.
5. This next interactive toy is just as entertaining for me as it is the dogs. The iFetch is an dog toy that automatically launches balls for an ongoing game of fetch. The reaction my dogs had when they realized they could play fetch with themselves was priceless!
6. When I have dedicated time to focus on just playing fetch with my dogs, I like to take it up to the next level with the Nerf Dog Ball Blaster. This high powered ball blaster launches a tennis ball without having to get my hands all dirty and slobbery.
7. This next one is another fan favorite at my household. Flip can NEVER get enough water and loves to play with it. I highly recommend Happy Dog Pet Water Fountain. This water fountain enables my pup to have an unlimited supply of fresh water at the tips of his paws.
8. I have been using CBD oil for my dogs and foster dogs to help a plethora of pet conditions like, Anxiety/nervousness, Chronic Pain & Inflammation, Allergies / Itchy Skin, Promoting a healthy appetite. The best CBD is human grade, has been tested and cleared from heavy metals, harmful bacteria, yeast mold and other toxins.
9. What dog doesn't love a puppuccino
10. POP your PUP and get a great pic of your dog turned into art!
BONUS: Microchip your pet!