I'M tyrone goes wrong AGAIN and more Complilation

When I'm Tyrone goes wrong, again! All that labor day food had a nigga stuffed so I decided to get some cardio in and take a walk! I Always find time to exercise! Fit Life! I'm Prowling through the back blocks of Philly and instead of grilling, these d-boys shooting dice for charcoal money! They ain't bout that grill life! As usual I pressed them why cause that's what I do best! Shit ain't go as planned! "Casualties of a dice game"! Who asked "What type time I'm on?" Ya wife timeline is what I'm on! The Black Stretch Armstrong of the streets pressed back! He must of bet the bank and lost cause he was vexed! Reach like Jon Jones, I'll give em that but his punching power empty just like his pockets #crapped out! My slip and dip game vicious though just ask ya'll honey bunnies! Don't get it twisted never been sweet and never been afraid to tussle! Just like life you gotta roll with the punches! #light work! Got him off me easily!