Why Manny Pacquiao is so Fast & Powerful [Film Study]

Manny Pacquiao is a man with a big heart, but ironically, an unadulterated monster in the arena. With unbelievable speed, and devastating power, his reign is justified... but why? What does this man do differently?

Manny Pacqiao is a hero of mine not just because he's a great warrior, but in a world where boxing is percieved to be dominated by a few ethinicities due to their genetics, this Philpino king came from the shadows and stomped some ethnic diversity into the competition. I love that, because it serves to show that there are no limitations on the individual. You should not be defined by what society says you are based upon factors you had no control over, but instead find the authority within yourself to take the reigns and define yourself, and through pure baddassery based action, manny pacquiao did just that. Absolute respect.

All of that being said, lets jump in to a bit of why manny pacquiao is so fast and so powerful. Remember brothers, you may copy a method, but you cannot copy ones soul, only Manny can be Manny, but equally as incredible only you can be you.

Lets begin to first understand why Manny is so powerful. To do so, we must first understand what power is. Power in essence is force and force is mass x accerlation. The mass you have in proportion to the speed it travels is the damage you will deal precisely to the point that mass is delivered. Considering How fast Manny's hands move, for alot of us, it still doesn't make sense as to why he does so much freaking damage, as he doesn't look like he's putting alot of body into his hand. Well if you understand mass x acceleration, a law of the universe, you don't need to move your body a whole lot if you move your body like manny. Look, pay close attention to hit feet. He may not have an insane torso rotation into his punch, but he has perfect timing when it comes to timing each bursty step forward with an insanely fast punch. He doesn't take big steps, but he bursts his weight with very small ones and times his punch perfectly with that step. He is putting a ton of body into each punch, it's just he compsenates for a huge range of motion with genius level timing. Just watch, thats exactly what he does. All of those punches have KO power force behind them because of that timing even though, due to the short range of motion, it almost looks like an illusion, like it shouldn't be that powerful, but I promise you, if manny hit you with that combo straight to the jaw, your lights are going out.

The next understanding I want to explain is his speed. Manny is definitely a freak of nature, who undeniably has cultivated a gift crafted through hardwork, but he is using a technique to give him way more speed than the rest of the competition. This again resides in his timing and shorter ranged movements. Because manny has a very short torso rotation if at all when it comes to his punch, paired with the hand speed, he just has a faster recovery setting him up for the next punch. Each punch is powerful due to the timing with the short burst of mass, but the recovery is just as remarkable. His shorter movements allow him to set up for another punch before his opponent can even realize what just happened and throw back at all. He overwhelms you with his insane recovery time and the fact you feel his power through your guard, you get stuck not knowing what to do, left paralyzed in that guard, if you pair that with brilliant ringmanship taught by a good coach, solid circles ducks and slips between or used with each flurry, it's no wonder Manny is one of the greatest boxers of all time. What we trulyl have to note though, which no one ever does, you know we talk about his speed and power, but why doesn't anyone ever mention this mans cardio. I have no idea how he can burst his body with so much power, with such a persistent flurry yet still breath. He can keep smashing you with power from beginning till end, he just doesn't stop... That is what really freaks me out about Manny...

Before I end this video I want to highlight one simple and clean technique manny uses to subtly increase his power while moving his centerline. Look at how clean this technique is. How he hops to the left while timing that short clean movement with a right jab. He can do this with either hand and does frequently do this as part of his mixup. The reason why I like it so much is it helps him reposition himself in the ring by subtley circling his oppoent, it acts
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