Spence Jr. vs Barrera FULL FIGHT: Nov. 28, 2015 - PBC on NBC

Rising star Errol Spence Jr. faced Alejandro Barrera at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX on Saturday, November 28, 2015. The fight was broadcast live on NBC as part of the Premier Boxing Champions series.

Spence Jr. has been referenced by big names such as Floyd Mayweather as being the next big thing in the sport of boxing and he certainly gave further proof of this with his performance against Barrera.

Although it took Spence Jr. a round or so to adjust to Barrera's awkward fighting style, Spence Jr. quickly adapted and took control early in the fight. After the first round, Barrera's 6.5" reach advantage was no match for the up-and-comer.

By as early as round 2, Barrera showed signs of wear, and in round 4 Spence Jr. landed an uppercut which turned Barrera's legs to wet noodles momentarily.

In round 5, Spence Jr. dropped Barrera with a hard shot to the ribs. He managed to make it back to his feet but a determined Spence Jr. quickly launched an assault that would force the judge to call off the fight.

Errol Spence Jr. won by TKO and remains undefeated with 19 victories.

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