Ramirez vs Mendez Full Fight: May 26, 2018 - PBC on FS1

Eddie Ramirez battled Argenis Mendez in a 10RD 140lb. bout Saturday, May 26, 2018 on PBC on FS1.

In Argenis Mendez's first fight at 140lbs. he looked sharper, faster and proved he could deliver power that matched Eddie Ramirez punch for punch and then some.

Both fighters used the early rounds as a feeling our period, trying to find their distance. Ramirez went to work early, attacking the body by pinning Mendez against the rope. With 15 seconds left in RD2, Mendez lands a big right hand sending Ramirez to the canvas for the first time in the fight.

Ramirez survived the late knockout in RD2 but Mendez kept the aggression in overdrive. Mendez dropped Ramirez again at the 2:30 mark and continued adding pressure well after his opponent found his way back to his feet.

In the middle rounds Ramirez fought valiantly, putting together combinations but it wasn't enough to stop Mendez from moving forward. In RD5 Mendez dropped Ramirez two more times, once by a powerful body shot and again buy a hook to the head.

The fighters exchanged combinations and punches as the fight continued into the later rounds but Eddie Ramirez was unable to deliver anything that hurt Mendez. Argenis Mendez was able to one up everything Eddie Ramirez through at him, showing a very impressive outing in his first bout at the 140lb. division.

Argenis Mendez won by UD, showing that he plans to be a force to be reckoned with in his new weight class.

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