2PAC - Letz Get It On [Mike Tyson Tribute] 2016

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[Verse 1]
All they see is black venom, then my silhouette
Just watch the fear reappear in they eyez when I hit the set
Oh No, 2pac wit Team Tyson, Seldon was seldom seen..
Iron Mike cut his head like a guillotine
Time for some action
Your making me high, like Toni Braxton
Bustaz switching like Dennis Rodman
We still mashin'
I put my hand up to God, life is hard, filled with stress
Throwing blows in this square circle to see who's best
Mike don't hurt em!
What they scream, wait!
What they mean?
Tyson put in work, his head touched the whole colosseum
Better act up when I see him
We loud in front row, hype up the crowd..
If you don't like it,what you come for?
All Hail
To fortified to fail, the Bedstuy ass kicker
Split the water like a sharks tail still strugglin'
May god help me bubble
Hit the ring, do my thing, all opposed feel trouble
Get It On!

Lets get ready to rumble
Haha lets do this
Yea yea
Lets get ready to rumble (u know)
Letz Get it On
Throw ya hands up
Throw ya hands up
Where Ya At
Where Ya At

[Verse 2]
Round 2
Right,left then left, right
I seen him stutter WHAT?
He didn't duck and got stuck wit yo uppercut
Now Hear the crowd screaming
Its like they fiendin'
O, don't you love how that black man swing?
We keep it real, Tell Holyfield, He next in line
So get his heart problem checked before he steps to mine
And Seldon, I hardly Know ya, don't bother me to show ya
Let ya head get gassed by that fast promoter
Be Real Forever, so feel my leather
In combinations connecting like dot to dot
In steady formations
Swift and deadly, cuz this be heavy
I'm a Soldier, Its too late now
I tried to Told Ya, Get It ON!

Let's get ready to rumble YES! YES! (huhu)
Let's Get It On
Aight this ain't goin last long, y'all know how Tyson do it
So what, we gon wipe beat this boy silly (hehhe)
And then we go all, go party at 66 deuce mob style
So Tyson do ya thang boy... do ya thang lets get it on now
So whatcha want
Yes, let's get it on
Whatcha want, Now?
Let's get ready to rumble...
Lets get it on now
So whatcha want
Yes, let's get it on
So whatcha want, Now?
Let's get ready to rumble!!!