Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird Bi-xenon projector Led Angel Eyes installation video
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Instruction video for retrofitting a Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird 1996 - 2006 headlight with double Mini H1 6.0 Bi-xenon projectors and additional Led angel eyes.

0:02 After heating the headlight, seperate the lens from the housing
0:18 Remove the reflector
0:30 Remove the Mini H1 6.0 lens screws to mount them in the bracket
0:50 Draw a line where to cut the Mini gatling gun projector shroud
0:59 Cut the shroud
1:26 Mount the other projector with the supplied hardware
1:44 To mount Led angel eyes (optional) drill 3 holes
1:50 Place the angel eye with thin metal wire through the shroud
2:27 Break away a small piece of plastic in the shroud to make space for the wires to pass
2:35 Place the projector on the bracket
2:58 Mount the cutted shroud with a bit of glue or JB weld
3:28 Here the second shroud is glued on, but the new way is to mount them with screws (instructions included with the kit)
4:25 Clean the shrouds before closing the headlight

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