Homemade 600cc KAWASAKI BUGGY/Crosskart build+test

if you have any questions regarding this video, please let me know and i will try to answer them as soon as possible.

my homemade 600ccc kawasaki superbike buggy. the engine, brakes, rear suspension, gas tank, radiator etc. all came from the bike, making the buggy relatively cheap since i did not have to buy al these parts. the gearing was changed down to 52:13 giving the buggy a top speed of around 140kmh (90mph) and 0-60 accelaration is about 5 seconds.

i am planning on making a proper riding video, Then i will realy push this machine to its limits, so stay tuned for that.
also i am thinking about a tech-tour kind of video about this project so let me know i you would be interested in seeing that.

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