Boxing Footwork Drill - Retreat to Attack

I use lots of boxing footwork drills with my boxers. To me, boxing footwork drills are essential when building a solid and reliable boxing style.

The boxing footwork drill I have for you in this video brings to you the tactical concept of ‘retreat to attack’. This means giving up ground in order to launch an attack.

I use the taped lines on the floor to take you through 3 different boxing footwork drills:

1. Straight line retreat to long range
2. Stance switch left and right
3. Angled side step on the retreat

There is a key point to understand about how you apply these boxing footwork drills. I have set them out as 3 distinct tactical situations, so you have the benefit of understanding and applying those tactics.

However, the additional win is that if you work these footwork drills repeatedly and with discipline, then you will quickly see an overall improvement in your foot control and balance. Being able to repeatedly shift your feet with precision and consistency represents a huge step up in capability.

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