The Chevy C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Is FINALLY Taking SHAPE!

The Chevy C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Is FINALLY Taking SHAPE!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Brink of Speed!

I had some people reach out to me from the mid-engine Corvette Forum and ask me to make a video about these new sightings of the C8 Corvette!

So here is the first set of photos I wanted to show you all,
there are a few things that I wanted to point out to you.

1: The front headlights look a lot like the C7 Corvette. They have that same similar shape and the long thin LED cluster. What are your thoughts?

2: There is something on this car that I've never noticed until just now. If you look here, it looks like some sort of outside gauge. Now in the old days, muscle cars had the tachometer coming out of the hood just like this but something tells me that is there for a totally different purpose. Any guesses?

3: Take a look at the brakes in the rear and look close at the rear calipers. There is a smaller caliper on one side of the rotor. This is the E-Brake on most SuperCars, which makes seeing this that much more exciting!

4: Now let's talk about the rear spoiler on this Mid-Engine Corvette. I didn't like it at first, but it truly is starting to grow on me. If you look close up here, it is an aggressively designed shape and looks like it will function both at low speed and high. I like it, how about you?

5: Let's stay on this picture and address the exhaust pipes that everyone is having a cow about! Now take a look at this C4 Corvette ZR1, look familiar? Corvette's haven't always had the center quad exhaust, so it's ok if they don't use it on the C8!

6: Now looking at this photo, I wanted to point out how low this Corvette is sitting. When you compare it to a C7 Corvette, it is way lower. This is very exciting to me because it's just another great sign that this C8 will be a top tier supercar!

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