First of all I pay respect to Joe C iwho is a great fighter and he fought bernard and roy past their primes and his career has been carefully created to remain undefeated..but he is still one of the best.

When Roy got cut in the fight no one knew what the f'ck was going on and the cutman was crap.
Alton -roys trainer- is just a complete YES man and has never had the balls to tell roy what to do on many fights even if roy is loosing the fight.
Alton and the whole roy jones team are so whipped at what jones did in the past they keep thinking he is the same man that beatdown clinton woods.

i know that it does not matter who was in jones corner it still does not change the fact that I am a great roy jones fan but I feel he let people down by not throwing enough punches and lying to people and himself over what he can do and putting hearts on the line.

Roy had plenty of chances to commit but the defeats made him gunshy and he is not defensively minded to adapt to certain fighters.

Jones should have retired after Ruiz and his performance showed how past it he really is.

I really am starting to miss mayweather..defense, accuracy, speed. Floyd would not go out like roy did. TOO much of a compete package and I see now why he retired on top..

Floyd is p4p king, then Joe c, then Manny.. WHO AGREES?