The witching season is upon us, and Harvest Hill: 31 Tales of Halloween Horror is about to reap the fruits of its wicked labors. Therefore it is time at long last to kick off the celebration proper with a prize giveaway! The treat up for grabs at the moment is one brand-spanking-new copy of the hell-hot anthology - plus we might throw in a bag of candy corn or a pocket-sized demon, you just never know.

The trick is to guess who wrote our lovely forward. The first fiend to reckon correctly wins! There have already been a few guesses in some of our Harvest Hill threads at Graveside Tales, so make sure to check those (, if you haven't recently, to mark incorrect names off your list and get closer to the secret identity of the powerful sorcerer who conjured up the creepy piece for us.

By the way, we know the names of the people who already have this information, so no letting the black cat out of the bag! In other words, this is where we say the disclaimer about people who are directly involved in production - e.g. Dale, Tony, Stephen, Mike, Douglas and our kindly blurb folks - not being eligible to win. We want to know who among y'all have Halloween prognostication abilities that are able to pierce the veil, so begin your scrying into the flames to see who is looking back at you, and then post your answer here: The book will be available for purchase soon, so get on the (broom) stick now!