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Thread: Danny Jacobs- hell bent on Quillin!

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    Default Danny Jacobs- hell bent on Quillin!

    But he really would be better focused on GGG instead. Just my humble opine.

    The best case scenario is that Andy Lee surprisingly batters Quillin.

    Quillin ducked Korobov, for some strange reason. Lee handled Quillin so easily. Quillin may have problems with pure boxers- which Korobov was. A technically skilled boxer, and not necessarily a banger, puncher or brawler.

    Quillin has showed a chink in his armour. He feels uncomfortable with boxers if this is the case. Thus the reason why he would not mind fighting Lee and ducked Korobov and will not fight GGG and most likely will duck Jacobs for a time.

    Jacobs- don't waste your time. Fight GGG. The money is there for a fight with GGG. GGG is getting there. He is becoming a "must see" attraction. Even Floyd Mayweather knows it!
    Bigger man George, bigger punch!

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    Default Re: Danny Jacobs- hell bent on Quillin!

    I think Jacobs is more hellbent on a fight for Brooklyn bragging rights where everyone comes out to the barclays center to pay for it. Quillen is beatable if Jacobs slows down, paces himself and stops just winging reckless hooks like he did in his last fight.

    GGG, not so much ...
    They want your @$$ beat because upsets make news. News brings about excitement, excitement brings about ratings. The objective is to bring you up to the tower and tear your @$$ down. And if you don't believe that, you're crazy.

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