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Thread: 1980 Larry Holmes vs 2016 Tyson Fury

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    Default Re: 1980 Larry Holmes vs 2016 Tyson Fury

    Quote Originally Posted by Dempsey19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ross View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dia bando View Post
    Fury is 4" taller than Cooney!
    This is very late but Fury is definitely nowhere near 4 inches taller than Cooney. They shook hands during promotions for the Wilder fight- Fury looked an inch, maybe an inch and a half taller at best. The video is on youtube.

    Fury's listed at 6'-9"...... Cooney was listed at 6'-6". Sometimes posture and video angles might distort height differences a bit. Other than that, Ross is fairly prone to exaggeration so I'm surprised he didn't say Fury is half a foot taller.

    Regardless, '80 Holmes would've easily beaten '16 Fury, IMO.

    BTW, welcome to the forum.
    Thank You !

    Fury probably fudges his height a bit

    Showtime president Espinoza said in an interview that Wilder was 6'6" and Fury was 6'7" which is probably the most accurate, Fury was actually billed at 6'7" in his amateur days.

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    Default Re: 1980 Larry Holmes vs 2016 Tyson Fury

    Mike Tyson was always quoted to be 5ft 11 3/4 inches but most that have met him say he is way shorter.
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