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Thread: Tyson Fury v Francesco Pianeta

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    Default Tyson Fury v Francesco Pianeta
    So his next opponent has been announced . Thoughts?

    for the record , I have to say it's a definite step up from his last fight and it's a fight he shouldn't be too troubled with .So in that sense, it's probably good matchmaking because the guy has fought some names.
    But the Pianeta of today is a LONG way from anywhere near the top level , which in itself is fine and kind of understandable.
    But Team Fury ,while you're fighting at this level, please ,please , please stop talking about Wilder or AJ or anybody anywhere near top drawer. You've clearly shown where you're at with the choice of opponents and concentrate on cranking it up.
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    Default Re: Tyson Fury v Francesco Pianeta

    Tyson Fury only needs two more fights. The guy is a freak of nature when he wants to get in shape and he is a freak of nature for his size and reach. It doesn't take a lot for him to win fights with those huge advantages. He also has that huge advantage that Muhammad Ali had of being a little bit mentally unstable or let's just say a little bit crazy. Believe me I can relate to that as I am the same way and that's why nobody can beat me either.

    Nobody can beat Tyson Fury. I should say a fit and in shape Tyson Fury. He's too big. Is just too big

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    Default Re: Tyson Fury v Francesco Pianeta

    For me this is more to see Fury progressing both in physical shape and ringmanship.

    If he keeps fighting regular and stepping it up each time I have no complaints.
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