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Thread: The "North Korea Just Won't Go Away" Thread

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    Default The "North Korea Just Won't Go Away" Thread

    Geez... I thought we were past NK already and on to other pastures. WTF is it now?? What is it? That Jong Un wants Trump to swear the Korean War's over?? Wasn't that like in the 1950's? I guess that's why I majored in a technical field, not politics or history. Sooo... Washington declared an "armistice" in 1953, but didn't formally declare an end to the war. Is that all Jong Un wants?? Hell..... can I say it? Would that do it? Would Jong Un accept a declaration to end the war from a Puerto Rican on a boxing forum? If not, then just have Trump swear the war's over, while keeping fingers crossed behind his back. Ok, forget the fingers crossed. How about he just declares the war is over..... and if NK makes a single nuclear threat.... then the war's back on? NO? Ok.... then how about Trump declares the war is over.... then we ask NK to continue it's disarmament. It's not like the U.S. has to disarm or anything like that. The U.S. retains its mighty military and nuclear capabilities, while NK decreases theirs. Trump declares the war is officially over and everybody's happy. Sound good?

    Then again, maybe it's just The New York Times with a slow news day.

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    Default Re: The "North Korea Just Won't Go Away" Thread

    On a similar note.

    Do not let success go to your head and do not let failure get to your heart.

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    Default Re: The "North Korea Just Won't Go Away" Thread

    The Bush/ Clinton authorities wanted to push a hostile NK agenda. As soon as Trump came on the scene we saw the other side.
    They live, We sleep

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