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Thread: Classic Fight Card - Your Favourites

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    Default Classic Fight Card - Your Favourites

    January is quiet boxing wise and so we all have fights that we enjoy re-watching. Build your own card with a card full of classic fights that hold up even now as worthy of watching again. They don't have to be classics, it can be for personal reasons, upsets, classic brawls, definitive performances by your favourites or even just fights that stick on your head. Any era but you must have watched them live or the entire fight footage from elsewhere. Main event then another 5.

    It's harder than you think so don't worry about it being definitive, just six fights you could enjoy watching again with a few years on a barren Friday/Saturday.


    KIRKLAND V ANGULO - It is not the best demonstration of boxing finesse or up there with many classics for quality but it is entertaining, up and down , action packed. Has a blinding first round and the feel of a small hall classic.

    Another up and down war with a symbolic passing of the baton between eras. Quite how far Joshua will end up going we don't know but if he gets sparked in his next fight he still has this classic in the bank

    The atmosphere is great and both match each other punch for punch even just before the planking that never gets old. Great value with some very smart boxing scattered thru the war.

    - Just a great war in which the crowd seemed to help Hatton make it thru that wall and you could not have scripted the ending any better.

    CALZAGHE - KESSLER - Someone has to go the distance and this was such a great evenly matched fight it still holds up as a solid warmup for the main event


    I thought about this and I could have chosen Frazier - Ali 1 in which Joe was fantastic or Manilla which is certainly up there as grueling spectacle or even Arguello- Pryor 1 as great demonstration of boxing but
    HAGLER - HEARNS - It may be a bit obvious but 'The War' is heralded as a classic for a reason. Almost impossible to top, but short brutal and full of everything that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
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    Default Re: Classic Fight Card - Your Favourites

    My favorites? Sure, why not.

    UNDERCARD (in no particular order):

    Ali-Frazier III - Aware many people liked the first fight better, but this one was a classic. Non-stop action, brutal, and a preferred ending for me because Ali won this time.

    Leonard-Hearns I - Talk about ebb and flow. Nothing much to add about this fight. Classic for all time. (I thought about Hagler-Hearns, but as great as it was it was too short. Duran-Leonard I was another finalist, but Leonard can't be twice on the same undercard

    Arguello-Pryor I - The guy I was rooting for lost, but man..... what a fight! This one has to be on the list.

    Douglas-Tyson - Lost in the talk about a humongous upset is the fact that this was an excellent, hugely exciting heavyweight title fight. Douglas turned in the performance of a lifetime, but Tyson wasn't just standing around waiting for the punches.

    Cotto-Margarito II - I can see this revenge fight over and over. Would've loved an actual TKO, but the fact it was a stoppage was good enough.


    Trinidad-Vargas - Yep. My favorite fight of all time. Both undefeated... the PR-Mexican rivalry on stage... the brash Vargas who had said "this Mexican won't run" (an obvious jab at De La Hoya).... the Aztec warrior entrance into the ring.... the electric atmosphere.... and then the fight itself.

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