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Thread: Boxers Who Beat Women or Do Other Despicable Things


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    Default Boxers Who Beat Women or Do Other Despicable Things

    Sergey Kovalev is up on charges of assaulting a woman, but he says he's not guilty, so we should give him the benefit of the doubt until he has his day in court.

    There are a lot of boxers who beat up women and did other despicable things. Anyone know of some who are not on this list?

    Carlos Monzon - assaulted his wife many times and ended up murdering her
    Marcus Browne - assaulted his former girlfriend
    Floyd Mayweather - beat up his former common law wife in front of the children
    Jurgen Braehmer - convicted of assaulting women
    Sugar Ray Robinson - beat up his wife so bad she had a miscarriage
    Deontay Wilder - arrested for choking a Las Vegas hooker
    Gerald McClellan - assaulted women and had his fighting dogs tear up a gentle dog (a labrador)
    Adonis Stevenson - pimp enforcer, beat up teen-aged prostitutes to keep them in line, forced them to fight each other naked as he watched
    Dereck Chisora - beat up and terrorized his ex-girlfriend
    Diego Corrales - severely beat up his pregnant wife
    Edwin Valero - killed his wife
    Evander Holyfield - assaulted his wife
    Ike Ibeaubuchi - kidnapped a woman and held her hostage as a sex slave
    Jake Lamotta - assaulted his wife
    Paul Spadafora - shot pregnant girlfriend
    Roger Mayweather - choked a young woman
    Eamonn Magee - convicted of beating up a woman
    Adrien Broner - assaulting a woman and other things
    Victor Ortiz - turned himself in after raping a woman
    Jermain Taylor - domestic assault and other things
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