Another card this time on Fox brought to us by PBC. They're labeling this an eliminator for ibf #1 168 spot but I find that a little nuts when you can't even find the one-man-wrecking crew that is David Benavidez in the top 10 of any single alphabet soup group. Seriously is that a misprint? Truax and Quillin are two guys trying to get a second or third shot at the age of 35 and it could turn into a decent enough scrap. Truax is off his real life Rocky story and is really one of the most down to Earth nicest dudes you'll see. I actually liked Quillin for a bit but once Danny Jacobs detonated him in microwave fashion he seemed to go into witness protection with only two meh fights up until now. This will actually be a good step up. I'd like to see Truax outwork him for a decision.

Sergiy Derevyanchenko and Jack Culcay square off for the #1 ibf 160 spot in the co main. It just occurred to me, Jacobs beat 3 out of 4 of these guys but I still think Derevyanchenko can be a major problem for anyone in the division.