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Thread: A new thread on Forum Decorum

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    Default A new thread on Forum Decorum

    As a public service to newbies who'll eventually venture beyond the boxing and into the deep waters of Saddo's........ I'll just post a few pointers on Forum Decorum.

    1. Prowl the sidelines. Do NOT commit to any side on ANY issue. That way you can lob the occasional grenade into the fray without getting splattered too much.

    2. If cornered, accuse others of being "mad" or "hostile". It works wonders, especially when deflecting your own anger and frustration.

    3. Befriend people of power (aka..... The Mods). Don't overuse that privilege, as it could backfire. With time, you'll know which to befriend and which not to.

    4. Become adept at the art of mentioning. Use of the @mention must be skillfully done. Observe the experts before you try it.

    5. Learn the arts of Word Twisting, Exaggeration, and just Outright Lying. If you wait till enough posts have gone by, people won't bother going back to find evidence to show you up.

    6. Use emojis skillfully. Using the when you're thoroughly pissed off or angry..... does wonders to mask that you ARE in fact totally pissed off. Veteran posters won't fall for it, though.

    Of course, if you observe # 1, you won't really need any of the others, but just in case......

    Last but not least..... if you get fed up and/or bored with the goings on in the forum at any point...... there's always the Arcade. I recommend Bumper Ball. I must warn you though. I thoroughly kick ass in that one.

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    Default Re: A new thread on Forum Decorum

    ‚ÄčAlso, any of my threads that say 'not safe for work' are all actually ok to open in front of your boss .....
    If God wanted us to be vegetarians, why are animals made of meat ?

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