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just some photos

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by on 02-22-2008 at 03:58 PM (719 Views)
just some photos
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Updated 03-28-2008 at 10:08 AM by katfight (extra photos added)



  1. Saddo -
    Saddo's Avatar
    nice photos... just a quick qestion?

    is this blog only allowing you to upload 2 images or was that your choice?

    just save me looking through all the setting
  2. katfight -
    katfight's Avatar
    ok i thought that u could onli post up to 97.3 kb and thats y i onli put on two pics(came to 80 something)but ive just done it again and each file has to be under 97.3 not the whole thing so yes u can post more than two but i dint think u could (does that even make sense?)
  3. Saddo -
    Saddo's Avatar
    Got it again

  4. leftylee -
    leftylee's Avatar
    Your baby's brilliant Katfight, he would really suit an Everton FC top ;)
  5. Macho -
    Macho's Avatar
    Wowwww Katfight, are your too... damn how many do you got? Are pretty .....
  6. katfight -
    katfight's Avatar
    i got 6 macho if ya mean kids
  7. DaxxKahn -
    DaxxKahn's Avatar
    Damn you women love posting pics of your kids...My wife has pics of ours everywhere....As far as I am concerned I feed them, house them and listen to their endless noise...No need to look at them as well...

    Just kidding...I love every single one of my what's their names...

    Nice pics of the kid's....You say you had 6?...God Bless ya Kat

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