While we tend to highlight fighters in America from Philadelphia, and even now from Vegas. As well as fighters from New York and California, Boston and now even Texas we tend to not elevate fighters from Detroit and the surrounding area.

When we have more than a laundry list of history making notables from Detroit, Michigan, as well as some good talented contenders we tend to mention as an aside to the overall fight game and never promote how fertile Detroit is for fighters and beneficial it is to the fight game!

Tommy Hearns and Emmanuel Steward from Kronk are obvious starters. But while Michael Moorer was not Detroit native, he was trained at Kronk in Detroit.

We also have the important and notable Royalty in the Byrd family- Chrys Byrd, Prentiss Byrd and the entire Byrd clan and side associates who have made incredible contributions to boxing!

We also have the Mayweather family, who have since moved on from Detroit but their roots are deep in Detroit obviously.

Then we have contenders like Dereick Jefferson and a a host of other fighters to now the ONLY fighter hailing from Detroit to be a Champion is Tony Harrison who just beat one of those Charlo brothers.