Simple as that. Mega fights and ones with so much potential seem to change rapidly. Many factors contribute to it, a fighter changes divisions, gets upset or the ol 'let it marinate' by promoters lets it run dry and the shelf life and appeal expire. And lets be honest we fans can have the attention spans of a 10 year old on a sugar rush. My list may change by tomorrow . But as of right now regardless of division and promotion..what 5 fights are on your must have list and have the potential to make fans sit up straight?

Spence v Crawford 147! Enough already, lets get this on. Not only the two best welters going but two of the top p4p in the sport if you ask me. Spence has shown that..surprise surprise.. he can box superbly on the backfoot and Crawford is only getting better too. Hindsight being 20-20 I think the ring intelligence of Spence may have been under appreciated pre Mikey. I know I know..the detractors will go on about Mikey the midget, Mikey the lightweight and Mikey agreeing to just survive. But with Spence and Crawford we are currently witnessing two potential greats. And potential greats need each other!

Jarrett Hurd v Jaime Munguia 154. Not exactly for the exhibition of supreme skill on this one. Simply put this is akin to poking two bulls with a hot brand. They have to be two of the more physical full frontal forces going and get offended if you don't catch them clean every so often. Jaime has youth and boasts more fights that Hurd but Hurd is running up some solid competition lately and has better polish when/if he boxes a bit. Both seem poised to jump to 160 with size but I'd pay to see them swap leather.

Vasyl Lomachenko v Mikey Garcia 135. This is the super fight that should have been in the first place. Personally I have my doubts if Mikey can get back to supreme effectiveness at lightweight but have zero doubt he can regain some form. I'd like to see him enter a hot 140 division and settle once and for all. Now if..if..he finds his stride again at 135 this one strikes similar, oddly enough, to Spence v Crawford. For the division supremacy they need one another. Lots of questions between both and it almost feels like Loma is plateauing now beating the Pedrazas and most likely Crolla and off that arm injury. Maybe he jumps to 140 also and hell..they can meet there it's still a very fine match up.

Naoya Inoue v Luis Nery 118. Firstly Nery needs to keep his shat straight when it comes to weight and dining on questionable cows. And he can forget Japan because they banned his arse for life. But last weekend was a great start with full talent on display. Monster is about to collide with Manny Rodriquez in the back from the brink WBSS tourney and that will tell us quite a bit about his direction. Nery the 'natural' bantam, at times the erratic full of confidence free swinger with pop which may be generous but Inoue for me is sharper and composed. You don't shake body punches off. Absolutely tons to be sorted at 118 and Tete is right there, but love the potential of this one.

Anthony Joshua v Deontay Wilder hvy. Being totally honest the posturing and endless bs is beginning to outrun the value of this one for me. I have a lot of problems with Wilder namely he boxes with the form of a new born gazelle and in my eye lost his last fight. While getting schooled a bit along the way. But to actually have a unified champion..a reigning undisputed heavyweight champ is something we always need. With AJ coming over I think it also falls in the needing one another category too. What's huge for him if Wilder and his trinket should just F off though? Rematch with Whyte a guy he already beat? Fight Ortiz a guy Wilder already beat? Usyk who comes in and takes some of his shine as far as story, historical achievement etc. Fury? I can see that being big but I wonder about a guy like Fury just 'getting by' fighting the likes of a Tom Swartz and hope he doesn't revert to some habits. He was motivated beyond belief for Wilder, he literally rose to the occasion and changed his life. Mentally, physically, maybe even spiritually who the feck knows but just wonder if he can get that fire and desire back on save for a massive damaging threat. Now I'm rambling ffs . Wilder and Joshua needs to happen!

So..what are your personal top 5 must see match ups?