I chose not to call it Climate Change, because I know that turns off a lot of people. Environmental is more broad and encompasses other things, such as pollution, deforestation, and the like.

Whether you think Climate Change is real or not..... if you think it's real, then whether it's man-made or not (0 to 100% or somewhere in between).... whether you think climate scientists are full of shit or not...... it's a topic that's not going away any time soon.

This is already many months old, but I just saw it on Facebook.

Now, normally... I don't like actors (or politicians) talking about something they're not trained or educated enough to discuss. But I have no issues with Harrison's speech. Well.... one issue. He fails to talk about pollution. But everything else is ok.

1. Doesn't limit the problem to the U.S., but talks about other countries and their roles as well.

2. Concentrates on hot spots like the Amazon (deforestation), as well as the destruction of wetlands and other ecologically sensitive systems.

3. Doesn't single out anybody, but does point fingers at those in power who choose to ignore science.

4. Is obviously passionate about the topic.

My own opinion. I think Climate Change is real (can personally attest to the increasing frequency of mega-powerful hurricanes). I think part of it is a natural cyclic behavior, but do not discount the role of man. I can't assign percentages to it, since I'm not a climate scientist, but both are factors. I don't believe there is a conspiracy between climate scientists to create panic among humanity to pursue some sinister motive. They're scientists, trained in their field, and I see no purpose in believing that global temperature data is being faked, fudged, or anything of the sort. At the same time, I frown at doomsayers who claim we'll all be underwater in 50 years or so. So it's a balancing act. It's knowing who to believe and what to discard as nonsense.

However, deforestation in other countries is a very real threat. The notion that mankind isn't powerful enough to disrupt nature in any way is, IMO..... untrue. We can and we ARE disrupting nature by destroying swaths of Amazonian forests, destroying valuable wetlands for the sake of urban development, and other reckless actions.

A controversial topic to be sure, but one that deserves honest discussion.

BTW, Harrison is getting up there in age isn't he.