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Thread: Forgotten Greats


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    Default Forgotten Greats

    As generations pass, their deeds, acts overtime die with them.

    Any occupation, just give a shout out to someone who made life great for you but now see their name sliding into history's abyss.

    Comedy: Benny Hill. When I mention his name, I'm reminded of how old I am, when those under age of 30 or even 35, look puzzled as to who could he be?

    Martin Short: He did American skit show Saturday Night Live and a few good movies. 3 Amigos & surprisingly funny and heartfelt movie called 3 Fugitives with Nick Nolte

    Sports: Evander Holyfield. I'm amazed at how many people under the age of 30 don't know him! Most say, oh the guy that Tyson bit? He did more than just become Mike's meal.

    Fran Tarkenton." IMO Tarkenton is the reason for the term "being flushed out of the pocket came to be." Back then a QB usually took the sack if no one was open, but this little guy didn't like being sacked. When the announcers first saw it, they said "he was scrambling across the field." To which his title was dubbed "The Scrambler"

    Defenses never seen it, so it was like a 3 stooges routine only with 11 guys chasing a guy who could make one play last 10-15 seconds. As time when on....IMO defensive coordinators started devising plans that if a QB did run away, flush him out & have a set up on the other side waiting for him.

    Today we think QB's aren't that great if they're not mobile enough to prevent being sacked. I (think) it was Tark-Tark The Scrambler who was the first truly mobile QB.
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