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Boxing Spotlight Terence “The Hunter” Crawford

By Jose Espinoza December 31st, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Terence Allan Crawford, a.k.a "the Hunter," secured the WBO lightweight championship in 2014 and with it, the prestigious ESPN Boxing Fighter of the Year award.

It was a tight race between Crawford and Sergey Kovalev, who had a phenomenal year as well. In the end, Crawford won out due to the spectacular performances he put on this year.

Let's take a look at this up-and-coming fighter from Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

The first fight in 2014 for Crawford was held across the pond in Glasgow, Scotland against champion Ricky Burns for the WBO title. Crawford simply outboxed Burns, who was trying to catch up all night to a much faster and efficient fighter.

Official reported statistics show that over the last five rounds of the fight, Crawford landed 116 punches while Burns only landed 30. It was a stunning world class debut for a fighter with much promise in his division.

Once he won the WBO title, Crawford did something unprecedented in the sport. He chose to have his next two fights in his hometown of Omaha. Questions arose whether Crawford could even generate enough tickets sales to justify having two title defenses in a mid-size city in America.

However, Crawford silenced critics and was able to sell out the Century Link Center in his hometown for fights against Yuriorkis Gamboa and Raymundo Beltran. Although Crawford did not make Las Vegas type money with these fights, he showed how much he values his upbringing and giving back to his hometown. More...

Lucien Bute: Training Injury Or Broken Fighter?

By Jose Espinoza November 21st, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Canadian fighter Lucien Bute has announced on November 18th, 2014, that he would opt out from a scheduled fight on December 6 in Montreal.

For almost two months now, Bute has been training in the Philippines because his new trainer, Freddie Roach, was on assignment there training Manny Pacquiao. Now comes the news that after suffering a back injury during a training session, Bute will no longer fight light heavyweight Roberto Bolonti on December 6 in Montreal.

Some analysts in the boxing world are speculating that it's not Bute's back that is broken but rather the fighter himself. Back in May 26, 2012, Bute fought Carl Froch in the United Kingdom and ever since that devastating defeat, the fighter from Canada has not been able to put his career back on track.

Since his encounter with Froch, Bute has only been able to win one bout against a stepping stone fighter, Denis Grachev. Earlier this year he lost an important bout to rival Jean Pascal, which exposed Bute's inability to handle a power puncher.

In an ironic turn of event, Interbox promoter Jean Bedard announced that while Bute vs. Bolonti is off, the December 6 gala will go on with Jean Pascal headlining the main event against light heavyweight Donovan George.

How the tide has turned for such a promising fighter. If Bute does recover and is able to fight sometime in 2015, will it be against a competitive opponent or will it be more of a showcase for a once great fighter on his way out?

Mexican Star Canelo Alvarez Leaves Showtime To Return To HBO

By Jose Espinoza September 27th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez announced this Tuesday that he is leaving Showtime and signed a long-term deal to return to HBO.

The details of the newly signed contract between the Golden Boy fighter and HBO sports broadcasting were not announced but Canelo made it clear that this was a long-term deal with an option for fights on the big Mexican holiday weekends, which are in May and in September.

Those dates at Showtime are reserved for Floyd Mayweather Jr., who has a monopoly on those specific dates due to his mega contract with Showtime pay-per-view.

According to Canelo, the main reason why he chose to leave Showtime was to give his Mexican fans an opportunity to see him fight on those specific days.

When asked about any conflicts with Showtime, the Mexican fighter said his goal was to fight on those dates regardless of whether or not Mayweather Jr. would be putting on a pay-per-view extravaganza at the same time.

Ken Hershman, president of HBO Sports, said that everyone at HBO is happy to have Canelo back. "We are delighted to partner with Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions in presenting Canelo's fight and events on our various platforms," commented Hershman on reuniting with Golden boy Promotions.

The first fight broadcast on HBO for Canelo will be on December 6 when he will face Joshua Clottey, who currently holds the WBA international light middleweight title. To be fair, a fight between Canelo and Clottey would be considered by many as a tune-up fight until HBO can showcase Canelo against Miguel Cotto.

This is an encouraging sign for HBO Sports but let's hope that this will bring forward an era of quality as opposed to quantity which is why HBO lost out fighter's in the first place.

Blood Games? Amateur Boxing Crosses A Very Big Line

By Jose Espinoza August 17th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

The Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, Scotland this year marked the beginning of new regulation in the sport of boxing. For the first time, athletes competed without the use of headgear.

The implications of allowing amateur fighters into the ring without the proper protection is being felt by the International Boxing Association.

As the first boxing matches began in the Commonwealth Games, athlete Mathew Martin of Nauru and Ireland’s Michael Conlan both had sustained facial damage.

Last year, the International Boxing Association decided to stop the use of headgear for male boxers. Studies from medical experts have reportedly called to remove headgear to help reduce concussions.

The IBA have reportedly cited studies that caution potential brain damage for longer periods of time as the reason why they decided to remove the use of protective headgear for the games.

It is worth noting that female fighters and younger boxers were still required to use protective headgear in their bouts.

The scoring system has also been modified for the Commonwealth Games by the IBA. A pro-style 10 point scoring system is in place now for the Commonwealth Games, the World Championships and the 2016 Olympics that will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the coach of the Mozambique four-man boxing team, Harry Hawkins said: “An unlucky cut to the head might mean the best boxers don’t win.” He was a voice amongst many who were against the IBA decision to eliminate headgear.

De La Hoya Promoting Rematch Between Mayweather Jr, Maidana

By Jose Espinoza July 17th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Following the huge announcement that Floyd Mayweather Jr. finalized the contract for a rematch with Marcos “El Chino” Maidana, Golden Boy Promotions is confirmed to promote its 10th consecutive Mayweather bout.

There was speculation going into these contract negotiations that Mayweather Promotions would take over this bout and that the Barclays Center in Brooklyn would be used rather than the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas as the venue for this highly anticipated fight.

According to published reports, the main reason Golden Boy Promotions was selected is due to Mayweather Promotions possibly facing a tax investigation from the IRS.

In New York, the State Athletic Comimission requires a promotional company to submit tax documents. Instead, Mayweather opted to use Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions promotional licence in Las Vegas.

This is a stunning turnaround considering Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe did interviews following Richard Schaefer’s resignation as Golden Boy CEO on June 2 and reportedly mentioned that Mayweather would no longer work with Golden Boy.

It is also worth noting that Mayweather Promotions is not licensed to promote in Nevada. It is filling an application with the Nevada Athletic Commission on July 23 in Las Vegas but, due to time constraints, has opted to use Golden Boy.

Crawford Rockets To Top Of Lightweights With Gamboa Win

By Danny Wilson July 1st, 2014 All Boxing Articles

With consecutive victories over Ricky Burns and Yuriorkis Gamboa, is America's Terence Crawford now the top man in the lightweight division?

Crawford, 24-0 (17), fresh off Saturday night's dismantling of Gamboa in a homecoming clash at CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska, burst onto the world stage this past March after six years of toiling on undercards during a long matriculation process.

The spotlight moment came at the Scottish Exhibition Center in Glasgow as the 26 year old Ohama man wrested the WBO title from Ricky Burns with an intriguing display of his stance switching style.

And it was only after turning southpaw after five rounds that Crawford was able to start hitting the target against the lightning-quick Gamboa, who was gunned down in the ninth round.

But what lies ahead for Crawford, who has hinted that he may no longer be able to make the division's 135 pound limit?

If he does stay at lightweight for one more contest, it would likely be a unification clash with longtime IBF king Miquel Vasquez of Mexico, who is even taller than Crawford at 5'10. More...

Low PPV Numbers For Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez?

By Jose Espinoza June 25th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Bob Arum, who is in the process of rehabilitation after undergoing a knee replacement surgery in Los Angeles, was quoted in the press recently as remarking that the Pay-Per-View numbers for Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez were below expectations.

Arum also mentioned that despite the low pay-per-view numbers for the Cotto vs. Martinez bout, what saved them was the $4.7 million in ticket sales.

Lou DiBella, who manages Martinez, was quoted as saying the pay-per-view numbers were affected by other sporting events happening that day, such as the Belmont Stakes and Stanley Cup competitions.

In the end, there were only 350.000 purchases for the HBO PPV event, which brings up the question: can Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez or Miguel "Junito" Cotto carry a pay-per-view event?

Fact of the matter is that Martinez had to fight in Argentina to generate some money and his last profitable pay-per-view event in America was mostly successful because of his Mexican American opponent: Caesar Chavez Jr.

As for Cotto, his biggest pay-per-view numbers came at the hand of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr; enough said.

The Cotto vs. Martinez fight was not what boxing fans expected from Martinez, which I believe made Cotto look even better than he actually is. More...

Froch, Groves To Deliver 12 Stone Response To Lightweights

By Iain Langmaid May 17th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Carl Froch George Groves weigh in Froch, Groves To Deliver 12 Stone Response To Lightweights

In the opening months of the current calendar year, it has been the talent rich Lightweight division which has been attracting the most amount of media attention here in the United Kingdom more than any other division here to date, whether it be domestically or on the world stage.

The year of the Lightweights started off at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff in February with former WBA Light-Welterweight Champion/British Lightweight Champion Gavin Rees serving up a thrilling back and forth contest with former British Super-Featherweight Champion and fellow Welshman Gary Buckland.

The contest was originally billed as a final eliminator for the British Lightweight title and was also seen as a great trade fight between two boxers looking to rebuild their careers for various reasons with the big prize being the British Lightweight title, which Rees has held prior to his world title shot, which came against the brash and then unbeaten American starlet Adrien Broner for the World Boxing Council’s portion of the 9stone 9lbs division.

In contrast, Buckland was looking to show he could be a domestic force after being flattened in the fifth round by Liverpool’s Stephen Smith down at Super-Featherweight by a right uppercut back in August at the same Arena. More...

Big Mouth Strikes Again: WBC Suspends Adrien “The Problem” Broner

By Jose Espinoza May 15th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

On Thursday May 8, 2014, the World Boxing Council announced that Adrien Broner received an indefinite suspension following his comments during a post-match television interview after defeating Carlos Molina on May 3.

The comments to which the WBC refers to are: "Anybody can get it. Afri-cans, I just beat the f--k out of a Mexi-can."

Here is the statement from the WBC:

Adrien Broner, former WBC lightweight champion, has offended many persons of the world with his words during the interview after the fight v Molina. The World Boxing Council holds human equality as its banner and will not accept a former WBC champion to make racially offensive statements.Since words have different meanings and can be interpreted in different ways, the WBC is issuing this open letter to Adrien Broner to either clarify what he meant with his words or to issue a public apology if those words were intended to be disrespectful and offensive... Boxing is a great sport, it is a world sport, and boxers are honourable and exemplary members of the community. Fair play and human equality must always be upheld.

The WBC as an organization is deciding to punish Broner for his words much like the NBA recently banned Donald Sterling for his racial charged comments.

How very cynical of the WBC to condemn this intolerance yet they are an organization that regulates one of the oldest bloodsports still around where the objective, mind you, is to knock the living daylights out of your opponent.

Also why is the WBC now taking exemptions to these comments when in 2010, Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly called Manny Paquiao "little yellow chump" ?

Now I am the last person to come to Adrien Broner's defence, but the fact that in this instance the WBC is targeting Broner is not right.

If the WBC really want to stand for fair play and human equality as they mentioned in their press release, they should target all fighters who cross the line or none at all.

Boxing Perspective: Who Is Marcos “El Chico” Maidana?

By Jose Espinoza April 27th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

The most anticipated fight of the year between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and that Maidana fighter is just around the corner on May 3 and there is feeling that not many fans of the pugulist sport have a true appreciation for who "El Chico" Maidana really is.

Mayweather's opponent has some solid boxing skills and has a good track record to prove it. Let's take a look at who exactly Marcos Maidana really is.

His actual name is Marcos Rene Maidana and he was born in Argentina on July 17, 1983. The 30 year old fighter became famous last December when he upset Adrien Broner to win the WBA Welterweight title, but let's start from the beginning.

Before becoming a professional, Maidana was the 2002 and 2003 Argentine National Champion. He then went on to finish as a quarterfinalist at the at the World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand in 2003.

He then continued to shine at the America's Olympic Qualifier for the 2004 Olympics. He ultimately lost his opportunity to fight at the 2004 Athens Olympic games, though he did make a good impression during the qualifying rounds.

He began his professional career on June 12, 2004 in a small arena in Corrientes, Argentina. On December 22nd, 2006, Maidana would go on to win the WBA Fedelatin Super Lightweight Title in Buenos Aires when he defeated the slugger Miguel Callist from Panama.

His next chance to add another title to his young career would come on February, 2009 as he lost his chance to get the WBA Light Welterweight title when he suffered his first loss in controversial fashion at the hands of Andreas Kotelnik from Ukraine.

"El Chico" would eventually become the interim WBA Super Lightweight title holder from June 2009 to April 2011. More...

Can DeGale Realize World Title Ambitions With Matchroom Sport?

By Iain Langmaid April 16th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Recently, it was announced that Olympic Gold Medallist of the Beijing Olympics and former European and British Super-Middleweight James DeGale has joined Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport Organisation and will also feature on the Carl Froch vs. George Groves rematch at Wembley Stadium on the 31st May.

Matchroom Sport is the third major British boxing promoter that DeGale has signed with since turning professional back in Feburary, 2009 with Frank Warren after capturing the Olympic Gold Medal as a Middleweight.

DeGale turned professional with Team GB team mates Frankie Gavin and Billy Joe Saunders, who would emerge victorious on their debuts and would also capture British and Commonwealth titles.

However, unlike Gavin and Saunders, DeGale parted ways with Frank Warren nor succeeded in winning the prestigious Lonsdale belt outright, as DeGale would first lose his unbeaten record and British title to George Groves, who he wishes to rematch against in the future should the opportunity present itself.

In 2012, DeGale signed with Mick Hennessy’s stable where he would fight four times and clinch the World Boxing Council’s “Silver” 12 stone title and defend it twice in front of the Channel 5 cameras to help increase his exposure after seeing his stock fall follow his loss to Groves, even though he would capture the European 12 stone title and win it twice.

DeGale’s debut on a Matchroom bill will be against the American Brandon Gonzales in a 12 round final eliminator for the International Boxing Federation’s portion of the World Super-Middleweight crown, which is to be contested by Froch and Groves.

The winner of the DeGale vs. Gonzales eliminator gets the mandatory position of fighting the winner of Froch and Groves highly anticipated rematch, unless Groves defeats Froch to set up a most financially alluring trilogy to settle the argument over who is the best Super-Middleweight in Britain.

Regardless of the outcome, the British boxing public will be the winner.

Londoners Mitchell, Joshua Added To Froch vs. Groves 2

By Iain Langmaid April 11th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

This week it has been announced that Londoners Kevin Mitchell and Anthony Joshua shall be featured on the bill of Carl Froch’s much anticipated IBF and WBA Super-Middleweight title clash with domestic rival George Groves which takes place on the 31st May at Wembley Stadium.

The 29 year old Mitchell, who is a former British and Commonwealth Champion down at Super-Featherweight, will be contesting in a final eliminator for the IBF Lightweight, which is currently held by the Mexican Miguel Vazquez.

Mitchell shall be participating in a stadium fight for the second time in what would be his 40th professional contest since turning professional back in 2003.

Mitchell's opponent, who is also looking for his crack against the Mexican Vazquez, is the unbeaten Ghislain Maduma, currently the NABF Lightweight title holder.

Mitchell previously fought at Upton Park, the home of West Ham United Football Club, as top of the bill against Australian brawler Michael Katsidis.

Mitchell not only lost his unbeaten record against Katsidis, but also the potential opportunity to fight Mexican legend Juan Manuel Marquez as the contest with had been billed a fight for the “interim” World Boxing Organisation’s belt at 9stone 9lbs.

Since then, he would gain a full world title shot against the recently dethroned WBO title holder Ricky Burns in a four round domestic classic and since gone four fights unbeaten leading up to getting his eliminator crack against Maduma.

For the young heavyweight Anthony Joshua, it shall be his sixth contest as a professional since clinching the 29th and final gold medal at that magnificent London Olympics for Team GB. More...

Miguel Cotto Beats Rivals Mayweather, Pacquiao To Middleweight

By Danny Wilson March 22nd, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Despite not being as successful as his weight class jumping contemporaries Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto has beaten them to the punch by gaining a world title shot at 160 pounds.

The 33 year old Puerto Rican star challenges WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez on June 7 at New York's legendary Madison Square Garden, where Cotto has fought on eight previous occasions.

Former light welter and welterweight world champion Cotto, 38-4 (31), moved up to light middle following the loss of his WBO crown to Pacquiao in 2009, stopping Yuri Foreman a year later for the WBA strap, making two defenses before losing that belt to Mayweather in 2012.

After failing to unseat Austin Trout for the WBA trophy later that year in a surprise loss, Cotto got back in the win column with a third round stoppage of Delvin Rodriguez last October.

The win against Rodriguez was a promising return to form but taking on Martinez as a maiden voyage in a higher weight class will be a massive step up for the Caguas resident

Team Cotto is banking on the idea that the 39 year old Martinez, 51-2-2 (28), is no longer the fighter who came out of obscurity in 2009 to lose a controversial decision to Paul Williams, shockingly dominate and dethrone WBC/WBO middeweight champion Kelly Pavlik in 2010 and KO Williams with one punch during a rematch later that year.

And they could be correct in that assumption as Argentine born Martinez has experienced a roller coaster ride since 2011. More...

Mayweather Sweepstakes: Marcos Rene Maidana Gets The Call!

By Jose Espinoza March 13th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

In a perfect world, I would be writing this article about Floyd Mayweather Jr. taking on Manny Pacquiao in the next big pay-per-view showcase this spring.

Instead, I am here trying to convince myself and you, the adoring boxing public, that you should care about this match-up that Mayweather Promotions has set up.

Now, some of you might be feeling elated that Amir Khan wasn’t selected as the Floyd’s next opponent. Some of you might have seen Marcos Maidana’s masterful effort against Adrien Broner and you’re thinking he is a worthy opponent to face the best in the business right now.

Actually, the Broner win only proves that he is worthy of a match with a better opponent but it certainly doesn’t mean that he deserves a shot at the best fighter in the business.

Don’t get me wrong, this match-up is compelling for us boxing fans who are struggling with the state of the sport at the moment; there are not enough compelling fights out there.

We are living in a time when fighters who are up-and-coming stars like Gennady Golovkin and Danny Garcia are not getting the constant exposure that big names of the past, such as Sugar Ray Leonard or Oscar De La Hoya, use to have.

The problem is that fighters like Mayweather or Pacquiao are fighting maybe once or twice a year and that sets a precedent for other fighters, who take a cue from the future hall-of-fame fighters.

Promoters have opted for the formula where boxers fight once or twice a year and because of the big pay-per-view amounts generated by those bouts and the fighters go along with the promoters and chose to fight less often.

There are not enough compelling bouts in the boxing calendar and the rematch gimmick is over used in boxing [can anyone say Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV?] More...

Alvarez vs. Angulo: Mexican Civil War At The MGM Grand

By Iain Langmaid March 8th, 2014 All Boxing Articles

Tonight at the MGM Grand, one of the great Basilicas of World boxing, a pugilistic civil war shall take place between two Mexican warriors aiming for redemption, and maybe even greatness.

In one corner stands Saul Alvarez, whose last visit to a boxing ring saw him dethroned and mastered by the best pound for pound fighter of the last decade, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Alvarez, the red-headed matinee idol with dynamite in each hand and one of the most popular fighters within Mexico, faces the powerful and relentless Alfredo Angulo.

While Angulo is the older man at 31 years of age, it is the younger Alvarez who has had the busier career as he steps into the ring for the 45th time since turning professional at the tender age of just 15 back in 2005.

Since then, his career has experienced an continuous upward trajectory due to his matinee idol looks, the red hair and his ability in the squared circle, which has seen him defeat the likes of Shane Mosley, Austin Trout, Kermit Cintron, Carlos Baldomir and interestingly, Miguel Vazquez, who is now holds the International Boxing Federation’s portion of the Lightweight crown.

Angulo, like his younger opponent, is also coming off a loss. That came in a ten round thriller against the highly skilled and much avoided Cuban Erislandy Lara in which he sent the highly talented Cuban Light-Middleweight star to the canvas twice before swelling around his left eye forced the stoppage in one of the best fights of 2013.

Due to immigration issues, Angulo has not been as active as Alvarez. More...

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