Aaron Hawk Pryor Boxing Article

Aaron Hawk Pryor Boxing Article

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by Aaron Pryor and Marshall Terrill

We've read about it in newspapers and in magazines. Throughout the 80's it was hot boxing news. The crash and burn career of former champion Aaron Pryor made headlines for a decade. Now the whole story is out in a book titled, "FLIGHT OF THE HAWK." Pryor tells all about his ups and downs in and out of the ring. After reading this book you'll realize that Aaron's toughest battles were not against Alexis Arguello but against the demons of the street.
CO-written with Marshall Terrill, Pryor doesn't sensationalize his plight with crack cocaine that led to his demise as a fighter and a person. He is painfully candid as he takes you from his humble beginnings and leads you through his successful amateur career. The bitter losses to Howard Davis in the 1976 Olympic Trials that led to Davis to a gold medal and media stardom. The book continues with Aaron's rise form paltry purses to contender status. His championship victory over Cervantes and eventual classic showdowns with Arguello. Then comes the fall from grace and the story of how his addiction robbed him of his superb talent.
In this book we see that Aaron is now a champion in another sense. To squander his millions and lose sight in one eye, Pryor now lives with the realization of what could have been. Still Aaron has stood up and defeated his most bitter rival, crack cocaine. With this victory he did not regain a championship but he did recapture something more valuable, his dignity.

By Jim Amato

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